Area IV Celebrates the Year of the Red Rooster

by Sgt. Chun, Taek-Jun
U.S. Army

United States Army Garrison Daegu hosted the 2017 Lunar New Year Reception on February 10 at the Camp Walker Evergreen Club. USAG Daegu staff and good neighbors from Area IV came to celebrate the start of the year of the Red Rooster together.

"As Commanders, if we are lucky, we get to experience things twice; this is my second Lunar New Year reception," said Col. Ted Stephens, USAG Daegu commander. "As I move forward in my life wherever that may be, when I think of new year, it is no longer December 31 and January 1. It is the Lunar New Year that I celebrate with my Korean friends."

Although the official new year starts on January 1, people celebrate the new year on the lunar calendar in East Asia traditionally. There are 12 animals that represent the year. 2017 is the year of the red rooster, the tenth of 12 animals.

To celebrate the reception, performers from the Daegu City Cultural Center performed Gayagum, a 12 string traditional instrument and traditional fan dance.

"I hope everyone was able to appreciate the performances we had from Daegu City Cultural Center," said Stephens. "The dancers and the performers were outstanding." While socializing, people could not help but watch the performances and be marveled about them.

Good Neighbors from around Area IV, Daegu and Chilgok County attended the reception. During the reception, they had a chance to mingle with their American friends while standing and eating refreshments. U.S. Soldiers and Officers also attended to meet with their Good Neighbors and socialize with them.

"I can genuinely say when I say this. It is truly an honor to be in your company," said Stephens. "If I have said this one time, I cannot say enough. Kachikapshida, we go together."

"It is the year of the rooster. I would like to say 'Happy new Year', and we look forward to a very prosperous and fortune-filled new year."

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