Best all-time K-Pop bands

Best all-time K-Pop bands

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In the last few years, there has been a sudden emergence of Asian acts specifically Korean pop or K-Pop in the world. K-pop has been enthralling audiences around the world with their signature style dance moves and pop melodies. Korea has now become one of the world’s leading exporters of entertainment and last year, BTS, a famous K-Pop band even made it to the Grammys.

South Korea has been significantly contributing to the world economy through technology for a while now. Their consumers are known to be tech-savvy and it’s probably one of the few countries where you will see more people using wearable technology that shows how much technology is a part of their daily lives. Wearable technology has so many different applications as described here. And this kind of future proof outlook is what is also making something like K-Pop so popular, especially among youngsters. In case you are wondering where to begin with K-Pop, here is a list of popular K-Pop bands to start checking out.

BTS is short for Bangtan Boys and is one of the biggest K-Pop groups on the planet. The seven-member boy group was formed in 2010 and has grown to become the largest-selling pop group in the history of South Korea. They are one of the few non-English speaking acts to break through to the world’s most popular groups of all time. They have even made it to Time magazine’s “100 Most influential people in the world”. Their album Love Yourself: Answer stayed on the Billboard 200 for an entire year making it the only Korean album to do so.

This nine-member band from Seoul first made their appearance in 2012 and has ever since become one of the most popular K-Pop bands so much so that Forbes called them the “biggest boy band in the world“. Their album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo made it to Billboard 200 in 2018. Their management agency SM Entertainment is known to admit that EXO donates close to half their revenues.

Blackpink is an all-girl pop group that was formed in 2016. The music video for their song Ddu-du Ddu-du became so popular that it became one of the most-watched videos by a KPop act even overtaking BTS. Recently they even collaborated with Lady Gaga on a song called Sour Candy. This could potentially make the band the biggest KPop act of 2020 as described in this article here.

Monsta X
Monsta X is a six-member K-Pop band that was formed through a reality show called No Mercy. The band has released albums in Korean, Japanese, and English and has toured the world extensively.

Stray Kids
Stray Kids was formed in 2017 through a reality show by the same name. The band has eight members and are regulars on Korean TV. Although they are quite popular across the world, they have a huge Japanese fanbase.

Some more K-Pop bands that you might want to check out include Big Bang, GOT7, SHINee, and Red Velvet. All these bands are available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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