Beware of coronavirus related scam texing and phone calls

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The city of Busan city is warning its citizens to be careful of scammers sending text messages and phone calls taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis.

According to data provided by the Financial Supervisory Service, some 10,000 scam texts have been found in the last 15 days.

Some scam texts reportedly contained similar details sent out by the city government on the movement of confirmed patients of COVID-19 along an URL link which will direct phone users to download an app.

The malware app will then install and expose personal details to the scammers.

An official of Busan city advised citizens not to click on any suspicious URL, and do not answer calls you don’t know, and to hang up the phone if they feel suspicious.

The official added “voice phishing is particularly vulnerable to elderly” and further said that the elderly can apply for delayed transfers at bank, as well as to apply for ‘Overseas IP Blocking Service’ which will prevent anyone outside the country to try and withdraw money after obtaining personal information of the victims.

Victims of voice phishing or scam texts are advised to freeze their bank accounts by calling the police at 182, or financial supervisory service at 1332.

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