Boryeong Mud Festival July 16 and 23

by Pfc. Chung Il Kim
Stripes Korea
It is no doubt that resting at home with your family during holiday is the best, but every once a while going out to an energetic festival could refresh your life. Here in Korea, one of the biggest festivals is the Boryeong Mud Festival, which is held at the Daecheon beach in Boryeong during the summer.
The mud festival is held every year in Boryeong, a town 200 km south of Seoul, South Korea. Starting in 1998, the festival has become a highlight for tourism in South Korea and attracts 2.2 million visitors every year. 
The Boryeong mud festival attracts both Korean and International tourists. They visit the Daecheon beach at this time to enjoy activities like mud sliding, mud wrestling, mud soap making, color mud body painting and more. Last year, 30,000 foreigners participated in the festival. In the evening, the festival continues at the beach with DJs playing music, famous Korean celebrities performing and fireworks exploding in the dark sky of the breezy Daecheon beach. 
First Lt. Amanda O'leary, a medical officer from the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, participated in the 2014 Boryeong Mud Festival. 
"Many of my U.S. friends here in Korea said the festival is something that everyone should go to in Korea," she said. 
Sgt. Young Min Jeon, a human resource specialist from the Headquarters and Headquarters company, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, said "The whole idea of rolling in the mud may sound odd; however, it actually feels good and is healthy to get the mud all over your body." 
He strongly encourages his friends and U.S. Soldiers to join the party. "I've seen many foreigners from all over the world. The mud festival is definitely one of the most international events in Korea!" said Jeon.
To find out more about the festival, you can visit their website: Also, for any questions about the mud festival, you can contact 010-5438-4865 or 041-930-3882/3557 and talk with fluent English speaking assistants from the festival for help. 
The regular ticket price for adults is 10,000 won (approx. $9.00) and 8,000 won (approx. $7) for anyone younger than 19 years old. Thirty percent of the tickets are available online per day and 70% of tickets are available at the door. If not purchased online, please purchase at the door. 
There are various forms of transportation available in Daecheon. The fastest way is to get on a bus at the Central City Bus Terminal, Nambu Bus Terminal, or the East Seoul Bus Terminal all located in Seoul. It will take approximately two hours and the cost for adult is 10,900 won (15,900 won for the premium bus). For other forms of transportation, please contact 010-5438-4865. From resorts to hotels, motels to hostels, Daecheon has a full range of accommodations for you to choose from. Do remember to book well in advance.
Brazil has a samba-dancing Rio Carnival. Spain has a tomato-throwing La Tomatina. Germany has a beer-drinking Oktoberfest. What does Korea have? Korea has a mud-throwing Boryeong Mud Festival where you can get away from the humid, unpleasant heat from city and wallow in the cool pool of mud like the animals in a savanna.

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