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by Elizabeth Jones
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Does taking on the gym alone intimidate you? Or are you more inclined to workout when you have someone to exercise with? Good news! The Ramstein and Vogelweh fitness centers offer a variety of group fitness classes for you and your spouse or friends to try! Group fitness classes are also a great way to make new friends! All fitness levels are welcome to attend any of the classes.
Body Blast
Up both your strength and endurance game with this intense full-body workout. Different exercise equipment is used to get your entire body flowing with high energy.
Indoor Cycling
If you’re looking for a challenge then hop on the stationary bike! Your cardiovascular system and muscles will thank you for the rewarding workout.
This workout is designed for all the cardio lovers out there who enjoy a dance-style workout! You will be one “step” closer to a leaner body.
Yoga Essentials
Are you new to the yoga scene? Then this class is for you! Yoga Essentials teaches you beginner flows and basic techniques. Start here to work your way up to the other yoga classes offered.  This class is free to attend.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
The fast and slow tempos allow you to focus on engaging and aligning every muscle properly with each movement. Vinyasa flow is wonderful for enhancing your strength, concentration and flexibility.
Power Yoga 
Get your fast-paced flows on while your heart rate climbs higher with each minute. Break a sweat and connect with your mind and body.
20 seconds on and 10 seconds off is the sequence for all Tabata workouts! This type of training skyrockets your metabolism, which helps to burn fat even after your workout!
Zumba is one of the world’s most popular cardio workouts! It combines Latin and pop music for a challenging, yet fun dance-style workout.
Strengthen your muscles along with getting your heart rate up. Pilates and yoga are both used in POUND to sculpt your entire body!
Turn, Burn and Sculpt
Sweat through 30 minutes of indoor cycling and 30 minutes of core focused exercises. All together your endurance, core, stability and strength will be put to the test!
Functional Fitness Boot Camp
Mix high-intensity intervals and Tabata training for a total body workout. This class is free to attend.
Total Body Boot Camp
This workout is exactly how it sounds, a total body sweat session. You will be performing bodyweight exercises combined with some weight training to get your heart pumping and muscles growing! This class is free to attend.
For fitness center locations, class times, costs and cancellations visit the Ramstein and Vogelweh fitness center Facebook page. Now go out and get your sweat on!

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