Busan’s first children’s sports center to be built in Dongnae District

Busan’s first children’s sports center to be built in Dongnae District

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A sports center dedicated to children will be built at the temporary office building of the Dongnae-gu Office the district announced.

A first in the city, the district, which was the recipient of the 2022 National Sports Center Construction Support Project, will spend 3.1 billion won for the national sports facility with a total of 1,240 square meters.

The site for the center will be at the temporary office building for the district in Nakmin-dong.

Construction of the facility will begin in 2023 with a completion date in 2024.

Image: Dongnae District Office

The center is expected to be free for use for infants, toddlers, and children to build their interest in sport and to encourage exercise and athletics.

A national sports center already exists in Oncheoncheon but is more geared toward adults.

The district also announced that they will also build the temporarily named “Dongnae Living Complex”, which will have a public library, a living culture center, and a community care center on the same site as the children’s sports center.

Highlights include a children’s complex cultural space which will include AR and VR children’s experience centers.

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