Busan applies social distancing level 3 until Oct. 3

Busan applies social distancing level 3 until Oct. 3

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The city of Busan will adjust the social distancing phase to level 3 from September 6th until October 3rd.

Considering the Chuseok holiday, the period will be applied for four weeks.

The city of Busan announced at a press briefing on the afternoon of the 3rd that it would ease the phase of social distancing in Busan in line with the government’s social distancing phase adjustment plan.

The Korean government announced a plan to adjust the social distancing phase by applying level 4 to the metropolitan area and level 3 to non-metropolitan areas by October 3rd.

In the Busan area, the number of confirmed cases is gradually decreasing after peaking in the second week of last month, and the vaccination rate is increasing, showing a rather stable infection trend.

The city of Busan has maintained a double-digit number of confirmed cases per day for more than ten days since the triple-digit number of confirmed cases (118) on the 21st of last month.

Gathering bans on entertainment facilities and singing practice areas have continued for the past 7 weeks, and since the 10th of last month when level 4 began, the highest level of social distancing has been applied.

Accordingly, the city of Busan will adjust the social distancing stage to level 3 after consultation with the Life Prevention Committee and the main headquarters in comprehensive consideration of the economy and the COVID-19 vaccine vaccination situation.

However, as the delta mutant virus is still spreading in the region, some quarantine rules will be strengthened.

First, from the 6th, private gatherings are allowed up to 4 people, and up to 8 people including those who have completed vaccinations. In this case, up to 4 people who have not been vaccinated are allowed. Events and gatherings are allowed up to 49 people.

Entertainment facilities that have been suspended (nightlife pubs, danran pubs, clubs (nights), emotional pubs, hunting pochas), Colatec and Martial Arts Centers, Hold’em Pubs, Hold’em Game Centers, and Singing Practice Centers will also be allowed to resume business until 22:00.

Restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, and food stalls are allowed have indoor dining until 10 p.m. and only take-out and delivery are allowed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next day. In addition, regardless of the facility area, one seat or table space is applied to all business sites.

In the case of the bathhouse business, where a large number of confirmed cases have occurred, it can be operated until 10 p.m. as it is now, though the operation of steam facilities (sauna, etc.) is prohibited.

Periodic inspection of workers will also be strengthened to quickly find hidden infected people. The city will conduct periodic inspections for all employees who work in entertainment facilities, (coin) singing practice areas, bathhouse businesses, indoor sports facilities, academies/schools, department stores/supermarkets, PC rooms, nursing hospitals, and nursing facilities workplaces.

“As intensive measures to prevent infection in the local community have been implemented, the difficulties of small business owners and the self-employed have been aggravated, and there have been many regrets and concerns. We need to tighten the reins of quarantine once again and strengthen our mindset. We ask citizens and business owners to actively abide by the quarantine rules,” Busan Mayor Park Hyung-joon said.

The city of Busan plans to focus on minimizing the risk of infection by preparing special quarantine measures for Chuseok as many people are expected to travel during the holiday.

They plan to conduct special inspections at high-risk facilities and establish a medical response system such as screening clinics and infectious disease hospitals during the holidays.

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