Busan extends the Enhanced Distancing Rules in the Busan area until Sept. 6

Busan extends the Enhanced Distancing Rules in the Busan area until Sept. 6

by Busan City News
haps Korea Magazine

The city of Busan has extended its Enhanced Distancing Rules in the Busan area until September 6.

Enhanced Distancing Rules (Level 2) in the Busan Area

Period: Monday, August 31 ~ Sunday, September 6, 2020

Assemblies/Gatherings/Events: Ban on assemblies/gatherings/events of 50 or more indoors and 100 or more outdoors

Sporting Events: Switch to non-spectator games

Publicly Used Facilities


— Operations suspended at indoor national/public facilities


— Operations suspended at *12 types of high-risk facilities (excluding distribution and logistics centers) *Bars including night clubs and room salons, colatech (Korean-style cabaret), karaoke bars, pubs, hunting pocha, singing rooms, indoor standing performance halls, indoor gyms for intense group exercise (GX), direct sales (e.g., door-to-door sales) promotion centers, large-scale (300 or more people) hagwons (private educational institutes), buffet restaurants and PC cafes.

Local governments may add additional facility types.

— Some of the high-risk *publicly used facilities (11 types), including wedding halls and movie theaters, are required to comply with infection prevention and control measures (ban on gatherings).

— Hagwons, arcades, general restaurants bigger than specified criteria (e.g. 150㎡ or bigger), water parks, religious facilities, indoor wedding halls, concert halls, movie theaters, indoor sports facilities, multi-rooms/DVD rooms, funeral halls

Administrative order banning gatherings at bathhouses and saunas (Aug. 29 ~ Sep. 6)

— Local governments may add additional facility types.

— Social welfare facilities are recommended to close down.

1781 daycare centers in Busan are ordered to close. (Aug. 31 ~ Sep. 6)

— Maintain essential services, such as emergency childcare services.


— (Aug. 24 ~ Sep. 11) The number of students in attendance should be lowered to one-third of the overall student population.

— For high schools, it is set at two-thirds of the overall student population.

Religious facilities

All churches in Busan are permitted to provide only non-face-to-face services and all religious facilities are prohibited to hold any kind of face-to-face meetings and events, as well as group meals.



— Limit the number of employees at the workplace by adopting flexible work schedules and working from home. (Keep two-thirds of the total number of employees at the workplace at the same time.)


— Recommendation is to limit the number of employees at the workplace to the same level as public institutions.


The seven public beaches, which had been originally scheduled to remain open until August 31st, have closed down earlier on August 21 00:00. Millak Waterfront Park has been closed since August 21 00:00.

Public Guidance for Level 2 Social Distancing

Do not go to work if feeling sick

— Call KCDC call center by dialing 1339 or contact a local public health center or screening clinic

Postpone or cancel non-essential outings, social gatherings, events, or travel

– Essential travel includes receiving medical care, buying necessities, or going to work

– At restaurants or cafes, order takeout rather than dining in

– Home training is recommended in place of going to gyms

– For social activities, utilize PCs or smartphones to conduct online meetings

– Use online shopping rather than physical stores

If going out, wear a mask and follow the infection prevention guidelines

– Do not visit crowded, confined, and close-contact places with poor ventilation

– Wear a mask indoors as well as outdoors whenever 2m distancing can’t be maintained

– Maintain physical distance from other people (2m recommended, 1m minimum)

– No droplet-producing activities, such as shouting, singing out loud, or chanting

– No physical contact with others, such as handshakes or hugs

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