Busan to operate emergency response team for Monkeypox

Image: Busan City Hall
Image: Busan City Hall

Busan to operate emergency response team for Monkeypox

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As the city of Busan raised the infectious disease crisis alert level to ‘caution’, from June 24, an emergency response team for monkeypox will be formed and the quarantine system will be strengthened in case of an outbreak of local patients.

On the 22nd, with the first confirmed case in Korea, a suspected case of monkeypox was also reported in Busan, but the diagnostic test turned out to be negative. Recently, as the number of overseas entrants has increased and immigration control has been relaxed, the risk of the virus entering the community has also increased.

The city of Busan has been continuously operating an epidemiological investigation team to respond to new infectious diseases in preparation for the influx of new infectious diseases overseas.

As monkeypox spread abroad, the city conducted its own education and mock training with the Busan Metropolitan City Infectious Disease Control Support Team and appointed an infectious disease specialist as an advisory professor to educate people in charge of infectious diseases in the district and county such as monkeypox epidemiologic characteristics and joint response tips.

The city plans to form an emergency quarantine team of 14 people and 5 teams and take immediate and thorough responses in case of suspicious cases based on a close collaboration system with local medical institutions.

By designating a university hospital in the city as a dedicated medical institution, quarantine and contact monitoring will be promoted when a suspected case is reported.

Cho Bong-su, director of the Citizens’ Health Bureau, said, “Unlike COVID-19, monkeypox is not very contagious, but the fatality rate is 3 to 6%, so caution is needed as it can develop into serious symptoms in newborns, children, and immunocompromised patients. Citizens visiting or traveling to the affected countries are asked to thoroughly observe personal hygiene rules such as washing hands and wearing masks.”

If suspicious symptoms occur within 21 days of returning home, you can consult with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1339), the Busan Monkeypox Emergency Response Team (051-888-3354), or the Gu/Gun Health Center.

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