Busan reveals its new city branding

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

Busan reveals its new city branding

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The city of Busan has unveiled its new branding for “Busan is Good”.

The city held the Busan City Brand Committee at 2:00 pm Friday and announced that the design of the city symbol (CI) and brand slogan (BI) was confirmed among the three final design candidates.

The final design selected is a three-dimensional (3D) three-dimensional logo incorporating artificial intelligence images. The city symbol (CI) mark is designed with the motif of ‘B’ and ‘S’, the English initials of Busan, and applied three-dimensional (3D) solidification through color and angle for the first time in Korea. In the case of the brand slogan (BI), ‘Busan is good’ was written in Korean to convey the original meaning of “Busan is good”.

The finalized design received the most votes in online and offline citizen design preference surveys for the final three candidates, receiving support from citizens. It received favorable reviews for its three-dimensional design and color, differentiated from other design candidates, and visually conveyed well.

As a result of the online and offline preference survey conducted by the city from the 28th of last month to the 8th of March, 41.7% (15,458 people) of the 37,033 people who participated in the online preference survey had the most one-eye design. In an offline survey, it received the most votes with 39.4% (9,286) out of 23,552, and a total of 24,744 citizens chose it.

The Busan City Brand Committee actively reflected the citizens’ opinions and decided on a three-dimensional (3D) logo as the new city brand design for Busan.

As a result of operating ‘visiting voting booths’ in high schools and universities to identify the preferences of future generations who will lead the future of Busan, it was confirmed that the 1020 generation also preferred the first design.

With the completion of the city brand design selection, the journey toward a new city brand that the city of Busan has been carrying out for about five months since November of last year has come to an end. Following the participation of 40,000 citizens in the selection of Busan’s representative city slogan, 60,000 citizens participated in this design preference survey, resulting in the birth of a new city brand based on the participation of 100,000 citizens.

“From slogan selection to design, I am grateful that nearly 100,000 citizens joined us on the journey toward Busan’s new city brand. We will use and publicize the new brand created through the renewal to increase the pride of citizens and to be recognized as valuable externally,” Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon said.

He then emphasized, “We will use this brand renewal as an opportunity to make efforts so that Busan can truly be reborn as a global hub city, Busan, where citizens are happy, in line with the meaning of Busan is good.”

The city of Busan will introduce the city symbol (CI) expressed in three dimensions (3D) for the first time in Korea at the ‘City Brand Proclamation Ceremony’ held at the BEXCO Convention Hall on the 21st, and will also unveil the brand slogan (BI) sculpture for the first time.

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