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DAEGU GARRISON — Korea is well known for its long history and its great cultural legacy and its goods. People from all over the world come to Korea to tour these wonderful locations, but sometimes because of the cultural difference and language issues, they have hard time finding directions, or shopping. This also accords to the US Soldiers, Civilians and their families, and military contractors, because most of them are not familiar with Korea. Luckily, the Community Activity Center offers its hand for US military personnel by planning tour programs around the peninsula.

“The purpose of the CAC tour is to promote Korea’s culture and its history to American Soldiers and their families, and also American military contractors who are serving in Korea”, says Kim, Yong Heon, Community Activity Center recreation specialist. “The CAC tour allows those attending to learn about Korea’s culture and history, and also experience the culture by letting tourists to do some ethnic activities.”

Mr. Kim referred to the CAC tour that went to Korean historical museums.

“There are a lot of things the tourists can experience themselves. For instance, tourists can make Hanji, traditional Korean paper, themselves, or dye a T-shirt in a traditional way, using natural colors and take it as a souvenir. They can also take part of traditional games, like yut-nori, and join the fun.” Mr. Kim said the CAC tour is great for tourists because it not only allows them to see the activities, but also the tourists can be a part of them.

“The CAC tour is not only for promoting Korean culture”, says Mr. Kim. “We do other thing to make US personnel’s stay in Korea better. We also help them to go shopping in Korea. We show them the way to the market, and other shopping places like downtown, and show them how to buy. For instance, some people wanted to by traditional furniture, but they did not know how. The CAC helped them buy that.” He also gave an example of former CAC tour that went to Andong face mask festival.

“It was great because we could show tourists Korean traditional mask, and let them be part of it by joining the traditional dance. And we also helped them buy some souvenirs, like the masks.” But this is not the end. Mr. Kim also says the Community Activity Center helps units plan for its special tour. Mr. Kim said units come the CAC requesting for recreational trips like water-rafting and Zip-line trips.

“The CAC tour is open for everybody”, Mr. Kim noted. CAC tour provides so many programs in various kind of activities and interests, everybody can find something of their taste.

“Anybody can find something they would like to participate, and they can come to the Community Activity Center and sign in. We have diverse programs, from simple cultural tour like Temple-Stay to recreational trips like ice skating, in low prices.”

“Maybe you had a hard time getting information about the tour the center presents”, Mr. Kim said. “All of our activities are advertised on 3 places. AFN, Facebook, and FMWR outlook magazine.” Some activities like periodic tours to the Boryeong Mud Festival, are on the news six months before, and some special events are posted at least a month prior on those media.

The CAC tour is a great opportunity to tour Korea. You can get help whether your objective is  experiencing the culture, or going shopping. And, most importantly, you can enjoy this activities in discounted prices. So give attention to the media and get informed about the CAC tour, and join in to have a great and memorable time in Korea.

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