Celebrating Black History month at Yongsan School Age Center

by Pfc. Lee, Kyoung-yoon
U.S. Army

USAG Yongsan -- Black History Exhibition 2017 was held at the Yongsan School Age Center Feb. 24, to highlight the contributions of famous and not so famous African Americans to the American way of life.

Black History Month is celebrated each year during the month of February. It began as a way to promote accomplishments of African Americans and to inspire them to contribute to the African American community and society itself. From educators to sports stars, and scientist to artists, African Americans have contributed all across the board to advance not only America but the world forward.

This year's Black History celebration was special as it adopted a whole new aspect in order to raise awareness. "We wanted Black History Exhibition to be much more than just showmanship and entertainment. We encouraged children to make presentations to explore past African American accomplishments, and we also had them create inventions similar to those of the accomplishments. This year, we invited the Eighth Army Band, fraternities, and sororities to make the event bigger" said Travis McKinney, assistant director of the School Age Center.

The essence of Black History Exhibition lies in the importance of accepting cultural diversity within a society. McKinney highlights the significance of creating strong bonds between different cultures.

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