Chinook Helicopter practices at Camp Walker

by Hyoju Shin
US Army Garrison Daegu

CH-47 is a transport helicopter, which usually transports Soldiers or special equipment. This training is an unannounced training, which is usually conducted every quarter.

“ This training is called Proficiency Training,” said Yim, Hui-min, Assistant Chief of Training at USAG Daegu Fire and Emergency services. “It is better to get a look at a real helicopter and learn through hands-on experiences rather than just learn through the papers.”

There are orders of training. First of all, H-805 Heliport communicates the training scenarios to the fire department through 911. When the fire alarm communication room receives the information about the situation, they notify the conditions about Soldiers and helicopter. After the crew response, the fire firefighters move out to rescue the Soldiers. All firefighters have their own positions, so they carry out their duties after breaking into the helicopter. If the firefighters rescue the Soldiers successfully, it means the training is finally finished.

“It was a new good experience,” said Han, Yun-chin, Engine 12 Crew Chief at USAG Daegu Fire and Emergency services. “We only did aircraft familiarization at the last training, and this is our first time to rescue real people. It will be helpful when the real situation happens.”

Throughout the training, the most important part is the safety of people. It can be the rescuers themselves, and also can be the Soldiers inside the aircraft. “The safety of the rescuers must be a priority,” said Yim. “Also, the rescuers should put lifesaving first, not even the aircraft. People always should be considered first in any case.”

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