Convenience stores in Korea will no longer use disposable plastic bags from Nov. 24

Image: CU
Image: CU

Convenience stores in Korea will no longer use disposable plastic bags from Nov. 24

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From November 24, convenience stores will no longer be able to put items in disposable plastic bags.

Currently, some convenience stores sell plastic bags for 50 won but this is also prohibited.

According to the convenience store industry, GS25 stopped ordering disposable plastic bags in September. Since the beginning of July, GS25 has already informed each store of the fact that it has stopped placing orders for single use and the operation of paper, non-woven fabric, and volume-based bags that can be used as substitutes.

As a result, about 95% of GS25 stores nationwide are handling volume-based bags, and in the case of disposables, only the remaining stock is exhausted.

At GS25, about 20 million single-use plastic sheets have been used every month. GS25 plans to inform customers by distributing promotional materials that contain restrictions on the sale of disposable bags to affiliated stores.

Since August, CU has been phasing out orders for single-use bags and encouraging the use of multi-use bags at each store.

Starting from October, orders have been completely suspended and the company is selling volume-based products, multi-use shopping bags, and paper bags.

7-Eleven has also been gradually reducing orders for plastic bags since last month. Normally, the number of plastic bags that go to franchise stores nationwide was about 8 million per month, but this month it dropped to 3 million per month.

In response to the measures taken by the convenience store headquarters, more and more franchisees are putting up a notice to ban the sale of plastic bags early and replacing them with pay-as-you-go bags.

However, some owners are concerned about the confusion in the early stages of implementation.

In the past, after the policy of providing plastic bags for a fee was implemented, there were cases of abusive language at convenience store owners or part-time students when they demanded the price of the bags.

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