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Nothing says “I love you, dad” like the prefect Father’s Day gift. And what dad wouldn’t consider any token of his son or daughter’s love on this special day perfect?

From that carefully crafted crayon drawing to another necktie to a hug or a peck on the cheek, we dads know that just about anything our children give us is special. On Father’s Day, however, it can be extra special – for our kids as well as for us.

It was in this spirit that we asked a few dad’s in military communities around the Pacific what they wanted for Father’s Day. Many of your answers are unanimous. Many also run the gamut.

We present them here as our Father’s Day gift to you, our readers. But first – what are the top-three Father’s Day gifts according to these military Dad’s in Pacific?

Survey says!

  • No. 3: A tie between Eating Out – and Watching Sports!
  • No. 2: A Relaxing Day of Peace and Quiet!
  • And the No. 1 thing these dads want for Father’s Day is: To Spend Time the Kids and Family!

We hope that all you dads out there get the perfect gift – a Happy Father’s Day.

“As a single dad, I just want my kids to enjoy Father's Day like any other day.  Being with them is my reward.” 
- Tech Sgt. Joshua Willis, father of  Two; Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

“I would love to just spend the entire day doing what makes them happy, because their joy and time spent together cannot be replaced, purchased, nor every regained if lost. It is priceless!”
- Staff Sgt. Justin J. Puryear, father of two; Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

“Seeing my children happy and them enjoying the day with each other is all I need. That's a good enough present for me as well as my wife.”
- Staff Sgt. George Hicks, father of three; Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

“Anything, I just want to be pampered the whole day!”
- Senior Airman Damien Baker, father of three; Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

“To have a nice quiet day with my favorite people!”
- Petty Officer 1st Class Wesley D. Fox, father of one; Naval Base Guam

“Love, good health, prosperity and prayer.   These are the best things in life. The love of a father is like the Sky. You can't touch it, but it exists all the time.  The Sky is like an eye, you can never escape from it.”
- Oly Magofna, father of two (“grownup and spoiled rotten”); Naval Base Guam

“For my kids to know that throughout the many years of deployments and separation they were always in my heart and on my mind.  The sacrifice we made as a family has led us to where we are today and I wouldn't change a thing.”
- Chief Petty Officer Alfred A. Mc Guire, father of three; Naval Base Guam

“I would like a nice relaxed day of watching sports and just handing out with two of the most important girls in my life.  The wife and I both tend to work long and irregular hours/days, so being able to slow down and enjoy the day would be a treat.”
- Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Ware, father of  one; Naval Base Guam

“Nice dinner with family. Japanese food would be nice. I really liked the Japanese food called shabu shabu. I don’t get to spend much time with my family during a week, so on a weekend, I would like to spend time with them.”
- Lt. Col. Philip Ginder, father of three; Camp Zama, Japan

“I want my wife to clean the house. Because it’s so messy. If my wife clean my house, I will take her to Hawaii. I will take her wherever she wants to go.”
- Roger Pueblos, father of one; Camp Zama, Japan

“What I would like from my family for father’s day is simply their presence. Just have some time to spend with my children on father’s day so that we can be together as a family.”
- Col. Michael Brumage, father of four; Camp Zama, Japan

“I would like all them to have jobs this summer. So, I am not running a Bed and Breakfast out of my living life.”
- Robert Lowery, father of three; Camp Zama, Japan

“I like to have some free time. My own father time. But being a father, once I do get that free time, I feel lonely now. So, I like to enjoy nice day at the beach, maybe my favorite Zushi Beach and hang out there, barbeque and go surfing with my family. So, my favorite present will be a good time with family.”
- Aaron Messisco, father of two; Camp Zama, Japan

“I don’t want any gifts. I want to be with my family! I am currently stationed in Japan and my family (wife and daughter) are in California. I would give anything in the world to be with them!”
- Staff Sgt. Tong Duong, father of one; Misawa Air Base, Japan

“I want a personal day with my family. My kids like playing at the beach, so a nice, warm day there would be perfect. That and drawings. I like to keep them when I can.”
- Tech. Sgt. Logan McKeown, father of two; Misawa Air Base, Japan

“Bicycle parts are always nice, but I’m hoping a wonderful summer with my family before my oldest daughter leaves to begin her adult life.”
- Jim Bibbee, father of three; Misawa Air Base, Japan

“To spend time with family. Last year I was deployed during Father’s Day.”
- Master Sgt. Thomas Troxler, father of three; Misawa Air Base, Japan

“For continued health and strength of my family and friends.”
- Master Sgt. Floyd Guidry, Father of two; Misawa Air Base, Japan

“The key thing I want from my family on Father's Day is to have them all around me and to spend the day with them. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to spend this precious time with them because time flies, and the children continue to grow and get older as well. I want to take advantage of these times that we have together. Additionally, I want to wish all of the fathers a special Father's Day wish and especially to those fathers that are deployed and apart from their family. I pray for their safe return.”
- Army Capt. Chatom Warren, father of two; MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

“For Father's Day, I would like to spend time with my family. Why? Because time is the most valuable gift anyone can give.”
- Petty Officer 2nd Class Kevin Boutillier, father of two; MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

“I want Carps’ tickets so we can spend the day together watching the game.”
- Sgt. Nathaniel Garza, father of three; MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

“I don’t really want anything from my family. I’m happy with what I have right now. My family is healthy, and my kids are OK with being military kids. Being the child of a service member is one of the hardest things because you are always out and about, meeting new friends and leaving all your old friends. As long as the family is together, I’m satisfied. That’s all I need.”
- Master Sgt. Edmundo R. Lobaton, father of two; MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

“I have always wanted a 54-inch, 15-drawer … ball bearing slide cabinet with a hard wood top and a full tool set. I want to always be prepared for anything that happens in my house. I want to be the first line of defense whenever my house needs maintenance.”
- Sgt. Isreal Garcia, Father of two; MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

“What I would like is more grandbabies, because they’re great. Family is the most important thing in the world -- the more, the merrier.”
- Cmdr. Bob Vance, father of four; MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

“All I want is a happy Father’s Day.”
- Robert Piatt, father of two; MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

“For Father’s Day, I would just like to spend some time with my son and wife, and maybe some CoCo’s.”
- Sgt. Freddy Navar, father of one; MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

“I would like more time with just us together, enjoying the day. To share laughter and love, be thankful for all they give and show how proud I am of all they do for me every day!”
- Lt. Col Robert Taylor, father of two; USAG Yongsan, South Korea

“The only thing I want for Father's Day this year is the continued support and motivation that I receive from my family.  Their love is the reason that I continue to do what I do and without them I don't know where I would be. Happy Father’s Day to all the Warriors out there.”
-  Sgt. 1st Class Dennis W. Harris Jr., father of four; Camp Henry, South Korea

“I want their time and attention.  I spend long hours at work every day, it's good to be able to break away and appreciate your family.”
- Col. Eric A. Martinez, father of two; USAG Okinawa, Japan

“Mark Millar Trade Paper Backs and BBQ Cooking Set - I enjoy cooking outdoors with the family but short cooking tongs are a good way to get singed. At Father's day, it's nice to get some of the things I don't normally buy. When I was younger, I used to collect comics.  Now, I wait for Father's Day and get the Trade Paper Backs, in that format, I get a number of monthly issues in one book.   It's nice to get cool gifts from my girls!”
- Phil Merchant, father of two; USAG Okinawa, Japan

“My immediate concern is the wellbeing of my one and only daughter.  My reason for this is the responsibility of providing her the education and character building that she will need later in life, as well as enjoying her innocence, ups & downs, and simple pleasures.  It allows me to ponder on the worries and joys that I felt as a child.”
- Billy Ullmark, father of one; USAG Okinawa, Japan

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