Don’t park by fire hydrants in Korea

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

The hunt for a parking space in Korea’s busy urban areas can drive anybody crazy. In fact, some are so crazy that they park in alleys, on sidewalks and other no-parking zones.

But you need to be aware that the traffic laws and fines for illegal parking has tightened up recently. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security re-designated the area within 5 meters of fire-fighting facilities like fire hydrants from just a “no-parking zone” to “no-parking/stopping zone.” Also, the yellow manholes on the streets are fire hydrants, so you can’t stop or park your car in this zone at any time.

As a result of this revised law, the penalty for illegal parking at this zone has been doubled from 40,000 won (about $34.42) to 80,000 won.

The fire hydrants and the no-parking/stopping zones are clearly painted in red, so be smart and keep your car away from these areas.

Note: If you do park in one of these zones and your car is damaged by the fire department during an emergency, you will not be compensated.

Where not to park

  • Crosswalks.
  • Sidewalks
  • By curbs painted yellow or where “No Parking” signs are posted.
  • Within 5 meters of a fire hydrant.
  • Within 5 meters of an intersection.
  • Within 10 meters of a bus stop or bus stop sign.

Photo courtesy of bobaedream


Photo courtesy of Ministry of Security and Public Administration



Photos by Chihon Kim, Stripes Korea


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