Drinking Essentials: 5 Wines for Spring

by Anthony Velasquez
Busan Haps
While winemakers in the Northern Hemisphere are monitoring the bud break, their antipodes are busy getting ready for “the crush.” Why not welcome both the spring and the harvest? Hence, here are five wines for the season that will take you off the beaten wine path. Salud!
Pencarrow 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, Martinborough, New Zealand (29,800 won, Emart)
Perusing the shelves, you might think that all Kiwi wine comes from the South Island but that’s not true. Look across Cook Strait and check out this classic Sauv Blanc from the North Island with its lovely passionfruit nose and smooth stone fruit profile.
The Grinder 2014 Chenin Blanc, Coastal Region, South Africa  (15,000 won, Shinsegae)
With warmer weather, The Grinder’s Chenin Blanc offers a refreshing quaff with its hay, muskmelon and butter almond nose and the taste of white peach and citric acid. Its crisp finish is tart in a good way and pairs great with 가리비 (scallops) and 조개구이 (grilled shellfish).
Alta Vista 2013 “Classic Argentina” Torrontes, Salta, Argentina (16,000 won, Shinsegae)
The varietal Torrontes is the most widely planted white wine grape in Argentina and is rarely grown elsewhere. For something uniquely gaucho that brings a tropical nose with a salty, minerally nerve and grapefruit to the glass, pair with light Mediterranean fare.
Palliser Estate 2013 Pinot Noir, Martinborough, New Zealand (49,800 won, Emart)
If you’re seeking an Old World red that’s not your typical run of the mill (or press), the Martinborough is worth a visit. This pinot noir expresses a distinct flavor of dark cherry and cola, almost verging on Dr. Pepper, that is a smooth complement to 양 (lamb) or 오리 (duck).  
The Grinder 2013 Pinotage, Western Cape, South Africa (15,000 won, Shinsegae)
Have you tried breakfast backwards in a glass? Pinotage is a wine that only South Africa can do, with notes of berry, bacon and coffee. A dark purple/black color with liquid smoke on the nose that leads to a raspberry cordial and espresso, Pinotage pairs well with barbecue.
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