EL CUBE, future-oriented leadership program

by Intern Ha, Si-on
USAG Daegu Public Affairs

USAG DAEGU — In an effort toelevate the capabilities of United States Army Garrison Daegu, employees, the garrison will present the second year of the training program “Emerging Leaders Creating U nity by Engagement (ELCUBE).”

“It is called a CUBE because the shape contains all knowledge on all sides and is a box that can store increased knowledge as it is experienced or learned from different sources: experience, people, books, experimentation and observation or thinking and pondering” said Ingrid Walsh-Brown, Director, Human Resources.

The vision of the emerging leadership program is that innovative professionals committed to effectively delivering extraordinary services and facilities for our premier Army. On top of that, the mission is delivers and integrates base support to enable readiness for self reliant and globally responsive all volunteer Army.

From the beginning of the inception, Col Ted Stephens, USAG Daegu Commander approved ELCUBE on 21 July 2015 with eyes on both today’s challenges and tomorrow’s installation workforce needs. ELCUBE was formed by a multidisciplined team charged with developing and implementing USAG Daegu’s first ever leadership course for 2nd tier leaders.

Stephens had the vision of providing this opportunity to 2nd tier leaders which included GS 9 to 12 and their equivalents. When first approached by the workgroup, it was a daunting task to complete in a short time period. Garrison started by researching models that were similar and already proven successful.

“We decided to develop the CUBE loosely off the Civilian Education Services Advance Class, which is an approved training opportunity for leader’s enterprise wide. Once we had the framework, the work to provide the curriculum, syllabus was not as difficult but still challenging in of itself” said Walsh-Brown. Then, she added that “It is good to see that the numerous work hours associated with making the CUBE has contributed to its success and possible future renditions of the CUBE.”

The pilot class was on Tuesday, 15 October last year at the Chapel Annex in Camp Walker, Daegu, South Korea. Participants enrolled in the 12 months program that allowed them an opportunity to acquire the skills needed for managerial success— strategy formulation, negotiation, conflict resolution, decision making, implementing change and managing culture. They graduated a class of 23 new trained emerging leaders in their own right in this year.

“The pilot year has been very successful!” said Walsh-Brown and “The teams were able to work through their challenges and were stellar performers, each and every one!”

There are four quarters of course learning objectives. The first quarter is Working Together, second is Defective Leadership, third is Preparing Tomorrow’s Leader, and final is Capstone Project.

Col Stephens has continued to show his dedication as evident by his successful contact with offsite businesses and his highly rated facilitated discussion on communication. Moreover, Mr. Christman, Deputy Garrison Commander has shown his invaluable support in that he remains true to being the senior mentor and meets with the mentors each month to monitor performance, resolve challenges and support mentors and students alike.

“The support from the directors, supervisors and managers has been of the highest order as evident in the number of hours students were able to provide to their individual teams” said Walsh-Brown.

This year on Tuesday, 18 October, ELCUB is the second iteration in a series of cutting-edge training opportunities sponsored, developed and conducted by the USAG Daegu Workforce Training Team. Participants will enroll in six months program.

The class size is limited to 30 emerging leaders who will study three competency skills of a leader as defined in FM 6-22 and ADP 6-22. In addition, the emerging leaders will focus on how effective leadership skills promote high performing teams.

The theme will focus on line of efforts which will address challenges here at USAG Daegu. Other noted changes, the ELCUBE will have offsite visits when providing training classes. Additional time will also be built in for team planning and project research.

Mentors will work with each team to keep them on task and address any concerns or team challenges. At the end of three quarters, mentors and facilitators will work under the guidance of senior mentors to assist participants to complete their capstone project. Walsh-Brown remarked that “The mentors are the backbone of the project in that they work tirelessly with the teams to answer issues, provide guidance and decipher direction when the syllabus is unclear.”

ELCUBE continues to add to its cadre of USAG Daegu leaders focused on leading change and influencing others in support of achieving the Army’s mission. It lays the groundwork for reshaping our workforce and culture to answer the further needs of not only USAG Daegu, but the Army as we work towards becoming the premier federal workplace by the year 2025.

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