Enjoy the city's open-terrace cafe: Dalmaji Cafe Village

by Ji Young Moon
haps Magazine Korea
Dalmaji Cafe Village
Dalmaji means “greet the moon” in Korean. Dalmaji Hill, located near Haeundae Beach, got its name for this obvious reason – moon viewing is at its best there and the locale draws crowds.
The Dalmaji Cafe Village is formed along its namesake hill. Whereas Gwangalli Cafe Street is a must-visit place at night, this area is perfect for moon-rise viewing. Because the village is situated on the hill, it overlooks the ocean, creating a different kind of scenery.
The moonlight gently touching the surface of the ocean will melt your heart. Stepping into a European-style cafe that offers remarkable scenery, one will feel as though he or she were in the Mediterranean.
The luxurious ambience doesn’t end there, as there are some 20 galleries nearby and Korea’s one and only mystery book library.

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