Everland Park offers 50% discount to USFK members Sept 5-18

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Korea Tourism Organization

The Korean amusement park Everland is offering a special 50% off discount to USFK service members from Sept 5-18. Everland will also be conducting firework displays Sept 14-16 in recognition of the Chuseok holiday. Visit the Everland website for more details.


About Everland


Everland is Korea's representative theme park, offering up attractions galore along with a variety of animals, a mix of an amusement park and zoo. The thrilling rollercoasters draw in students and those young at heart, while the cute animals and colorful parades delight children and seniors. The garden, beautiful with seasonal blossoms throughout the year, is a popular photo attraction for couples. Let's head to Everland, where everyone can have fun, regardless of age or stage in life!


Unforgettable safari tour! "Lost Valley" & "Safari World"
Set out on an Everland adventure, seeing a menagerie of animals up close and personal! Lost Valley provides a safari tour on an amphibian car, able to drive over land and float on water, through a garden that is home to over 150 animals. The tour includes elephants, zebras, rhinos, cheetahs and more, but perhaps the most memorable event is looking into the large and kind eyes of the gentle giraffes.
Safari World offers more excitingly savage beasts, ranging from big cats like lions and tigers to brown bears. Aboard a strongly reinforced bulletproof bus, you can enjoy a safe yet thrilling experience, seeing dangerous animals relaxing just beyond the windows.
Everland is special in that it is home to rare white tigers and white lions, animals not easily-found at other zoos. Other attractions of Safari World are the ligers, a mixed breed of lion and tiger, and the brown bears which show off their talents in exchange for snacks each time the bus passes.
The only place to see pandas in Korea, "Panda World"
You can meet internationally treasured giant pandas at Everland! The cute panda couple of Ai Bao and Le Bao are living a life of luxury and love, being pampered at Everland's brand-new Panda World. This new zone uses IT technology to create a variety of fun and exciting ways to look in on the panda's daily life. You can see a 360-degree animated panda video upon entrance, and learn about these loveable creatures through the touch screens installed in the experience hall. Despite these attractions, the highlight of Panda World is fittingly seeing the pandas in person. The pandas draw all eyes with their slow movements while eating bamboo, cooling themselves on blocks of ice, or climbing up tiny trees – and sometimes falling out. You can also see lesser pandas on display in the outdoor enclosure.
Monkeys want to play just like humans! "Friendly Monkey Valley"
Meet monkeys of every shape and color in the exclusive enclosures at Friendly Monkey Valley. Here, you can meet Japanese Macaque grooming each other's fur, squirrel monkeys carrying their babies on their backs as they climb among the trees, ring tailed lemurs bunching together to avoid the bright rays of the sun and other species of monkeys going about their daily lives. And you can't miss out on Jenny, the friendly orangutan who in turn plays jokes and then exhibits her charms to her visitors.
Here! There! Animals everywhere!
In addition to the exclusive animal halls, there are animals on display throughout the park, along with animal shows like Fantastic Wings and a seal performance. The shows are on a set schedule so be sure to check the time of the performance you would like to see in advance. Even better, the polar bears, penguins, fennec foxes, parrots, and other animals of Zootopia can be seen with the admission ticket, excluding the areas of Lost Valley, Safari World, and a few other areas.
Part 2. The Thrill of Dynamic Attractions
It would be a misjudgment to think all Everland had to offer was a zoo. The park is home to the nation's most thrilling attraction, the T-Express! This wooden rollercoaster with a drop angle of 77 degrees reaches speeds of up to 104km per hour and is a must-ride for daredevils. On summer days, the most popular rides are the ones that leave you soaking, like the raft ride of Thunder Falls and the Amazon Express. Other thrilling rides include Hurricane, Columbus Adventure, Double Rock Spin and more.
In addition to the 'coasters and thrill rides, the park also offers fun imaginative 3D videos in Space Tour and at the Live Hologram Theater. Hallyu fans are encouraged to visit the theater, where they can watch a live hologram concert of BigBang's G-Dragon for an additional fee. It's almost like meeting G-Dragon in person!
Part3. Exciting Must-See Parades
If you're at Everland during the afternoon, be sure to catch one of the lively parades taking place throughout the day. The main parade show is Carnival Fantasy Parade Season 2, offering a glimpse at three festivals in one. The first is the excitement and passion of a Samba carnival, the second is a representation of the Venice carnival in Italy, and the third is a Caribbean carnival, bringing to mind Everland's water park, Caribbean Bay.
If you miss out on Carnival Fantasy Parade, there is still a chance to enjoy exciting performances and shows. After the sun goes down, the night lights up with grand fireworks and colorful floats in the Moonlight Parade. Another night performance not to be missed is the Play Your Memory show, a large-scale firework show put on nightly to celebrate Everland's 40 year anniversary.
Part 4. Beautiful Garden, 365 Days!
Many visitors to Everland enjoy taking photos at Four Seasons Garden and Rose Garden. Starting with tulips in spring and roses in summer and continuing to colorful chrysanthemums in fall, the gardens are beautiful all year round. At night, hundreds of LED roses create an even more romantic mood. The most popular photo spot in the gardens is before the Flower Magic Tower, a grand 26 meter-tall decorative tower installed to celebrate the park's 40 year anniversary. Families with children can often be seen around the garden's fountain play area, with the children cooling off in the water shooting straight out of the ground.
More info
☞ Address: 199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
☞ Directions:  Subway: Transfer to YonginEverline at Giheung Station (Seoul Subway Bundang Line) → Get off at Jeondae.Everland Station → Take the free shuttle bus from Exit 3.
Bus: Walk approx. 300m from Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 10 to Gangnam Station Bus Stop → Take Bus No. 5002 to Everland Bus Stop.
☞ Operating hours: Monday-Wednesday 10:00-22:00, Thursday-Sunday 9:30-22:00 (Hours may vary by season)






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