FED employees tour new facility as relocation to Camp Humphreys nears

by Antwaun J. Parrish, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Far East District
Stripes Korea

Seoul, South Korea – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District’s highly anticipated move from Seoul to Camp Humphreys is closer than ever. Some employees have already migrated to the new installation as others are expected to relocate later this year.

Recently the district’s relocation officer hosted a trip for employees to visit the new headquarters building and the Camp Humphreys area. The visit was established in order to orientate district personnel with the area and give them a sense of the new facilities.

Twenty participants attended the tour of the new FED facility. 1st Lt. Christopher Larocque, FED Relocation Officer, said although employees still have many questions related to the move the tour helps ease some of the concerns.

“Being able to see one's new working environment and the Garrison certainly helps to alleviate some unknowns about the area,” said Larocque. “As time moves forward and more information is shared and FED employees learn more about their own moves, further questions can be answered.”

Larocque said he considers this process a tremendous learning experience and is doing all he can to help mitigate problems and keep steady the flow of communication.

“Although this relocation can bring many emotions, keeping patience and flexibility will make the move much easier,” said Larocque.

Of course with the relocation there will be many changes taking place, but this change brings new opportunities and experiences.

“By looking at the FED relocation in a positive lens it will make those challenges easier,” said Larocque. “In short, ‘hunt the good stuff’ during this transition period.”

Many of the buildings at the district’s Seoul location have been here since World War II, and although they are functional the new location brings with it a state-of the-art-facility. Larocque states that the working spaces are larger than those here at the FED and our ability to collaborate with multiple offices in an easier way is a great aspect of the relocation.

Terry Hong, FED property book officer, was one of the tour’s attendees. Hong decided to participate in the tour because he believes it is beneficial to the upcoming mission.

Hong also stated that he has been stationed at Camp Humphreys before and because of one key reason he is excited about moving there again.

“I like Camp Humphreys because it has less traffic than Seoul,” said Hong.

He also was impressed with the new facility and he has no reservations in moving to the new location.

Larocque states that if any member of the FED family has questions about relocation or Camp Humphreys in general, don't be afraid to reach-out.

“We are all going through this change together, so I'm sure any question someone might have is one that many others may have,” said Larocque.

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