Female bus passenger dragged 10 meters down the road in Korea

Female bus passenger dragged 10 meters down the road in Korea

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Busan Haps Magazine

A female bus passenger was dragged 10 meters down the road by a bus when her clothes got caught in its door.

The 22-year-old woman was getting off a bus in Saha-gu on the 18th when a strap from her clothes got caught and the bus driver took off down the street.

She started running alongside the bus when she lost her footing and was dragged for 10 meters before the bus finally stopped by a nearby police officer who noticed the scene. The girls strap that was caught had broken letting her loose or she could have suffered more severe injuries.

The driver was unaware of the girl, though another passenger had tried to inform him of what was happening.

He is facing only minor penalties from the police because according to law, the passengers two feet had touched the pavement upon leaving the bus.

The female passenger luckily only sustained minor injuries to her shoulder and scrapes on her hands.

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