Female internet live broadcaster shocks viewers when she jumped to her death in Busan

by BeFM News
haps Magazine Korea

A woman in her 30s made a ‘suicide announcement broadcast’ during a live video feed, and jumped to her death, soon after.

The horrific incident happened on Monday the 5th at around 2:10 pm in a studio apartment in Busan.

According to multiple local media sources, the 35-year-old woman jumped off from the 8th floor to her death along with her pet, after making an announcement to her viewers that she will commit suicide. She had allegedly been suffering from depression.

The woman was transferred to a local hospital when an emergency rescue team arrived at the scene after receiving a report from one of the viewers watching the live stream.

She died an hour after being transferred.

Police are looking to ask the Internet broadcaster to submit the recorded video of the situation at the time of the incident.

Live internet broadcasts have been very popular in Korea, though some have become controversial.

Last year, an Afreeca TV live stream broadcaster stumbled upon a washed up body at Dadaepo Beach, shocking viewers when the video went viral.

Live videos are pursuant to Article 44.7 of Information Communication Network Act which monitors content, however, authorities don’t have the manpower to monitor the thousands of live streams daily.

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