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GNG Hospital offers the very best in nose reconstruction and sleep disturbance treatment

As any casual visitor to Gangnam can attest to, the hospitals and clinics, with over 500 “cosmetic centers” registere in Gangnam in 2014 and almost one million procedures a year conducted in the Korean capital. As many as 20% of Korean women aged 20-49 are reputed to have had work done, and for every shimmering after-shot of a beautifully sculpted jawline or nose, there is someone tut-tutting and ready with an anecdote about the dangers of going under the knife. So if you are looking for a procedure in what is clichédly referred to as the mecca for plastic surgery, where should you turn

Whereas many clinics will offer a one-stop shop for all possible procedures under one roof, GNG Hospital emphasises its expertise in rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and its newly opened sleep center. A decade of experience in both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures means it has the wealth of experience necessary to ensure that those horror stories of less reputable clinics can easily be avoided. With a website offering 1,500 before and after photos and a banner promising the very best, prospective clients are certain to feel more at ease when entering the hospital’s Gangnam headquarters.

The plethora of plastic surgery advertisements can seem unnerving. The area rivals Apgujeong for 11 fully certified surgeons working together to ensure the very best in patient care. In addition, each client has their own personal care manager from the moment of contact – a manager who will whenever possible be available to the client for up to five years after treatment – meaning that the consultation process (which treatment and recovery services in one day on certain procedures. A vital element for every client considering procedures is in after-surgery care, and with a five-year guarantee, the hospital guarantees that any side effects or complications coming from any procedure will be dealt with efficiently and promptly. The The hospital’s sleep clinic is one of the first in Korea and is led by Director Hyun Do-jin, a sleep surgery specialist with a decade of experience who trained at Stanford University. has a 24-hour service available) can at any time update its medical staff as to a patient’s requirements. GNG’s classification as a hospital – as opposed to a clinic – means that it has a higher designation from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and, with brand new facilities that only opened last year, it offers a state of the art medical service.

There are – the hospital emphasises – no gimmicks here, as the best work in cosmetic procedures comes from having highly trained staff and top-notch service. The hospital has extensive experience your snoring? Or are you feeling fatigued or headachy all day after another night without proper sleep? Two of GNG’s signature treatments involve identifying and solving problems related to snoring and sleep apnea, with up to 80% of consultations identifying airflow problems as a primary cause of sleep disturbance. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is said to affect one in five Americans, and is a problem that has increasingly been linked to other complaints such as high blood pressure, heart disease and even performance-related accidents such as road crashes. The hospital uses everything from CT scans to endoscopies to overnight sleep studies to identify the problem, with an exact diagnosis leading to the best treatment options – non-surgical or surgical – available.

The hospital’s sleep clinic was one of the first in Korea and is led by Director Hyun Do-jin, a sleep surgery specialist with a decade of experience who trained at Stanford University. Dr. Hyun is a very busy man, as GNG has performed among the highest number of OSA surgeries in Asia in recent years.

Post-treatment, the hospital offers newly developed recovery techniques such as high pressure oxygen and infrared treatment to aid with a faster recovery time. This can be extremely important for The hospital boasts that “no one can mimic GNG nose surgery,” with 11 fully certified surgeons working together to ensure the very best in care. hospital also works extensively with all major insurance carriers such as Cigna, Allianz and AIA (among others) as well as providing savings of up to 10% in special offers for military personnel, families and overseas patients, with their collaboration with major insurance providers allowing functional problems in the nose and throat areas to be dealt with in a no muss, no fuss manner. GNG expresses great pride in its comprehensive approach to patient care, and every diagnostic and management decision is made in in rhinoplasty and nose obstruction for both foreigners and Asians, with the hospital’s surgeons able to assist with procedures for both cosmetic and medical reasons (such as deviated septums and nasal congestion). And it isn’t only for those seeking a less crooked nose, with one of the hospital’s proudest achievements being its work in the field conjunction with a fully-trained medical professional who reviews every step of the procedure with the patient. All patients are welcome to stay in the hospital as long as they wish to – even for non-surgical procedures – and nurses are on-call 24 hours a day.

GNG is here to help and to make all treatment options feel more like being at home.

For more information, call 070-7701-5656

GNG Hospital address: 626 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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