Good Neighbor Program: Teaching A Vital Skill in A Changing World

by 2LT Grant McMains
The 6th Ordnance Battalion

The 6th Ordnance Battalion’s (6th OD BN) Good Neighbor Program (GNP) serves at the forefront of Bullet Nation’s outreach into the lives of the South Korean youth. The main point of emphasis for 6th OD BN’s Good Neighbor Program is the Chilgok Moon Hwa Heu Kwon Community Center. The focus of the program at that facility is to teach English to Korean students while also educating them on American culture and the partnership the United States military shares with the Republic of Korea (ROK) military. This goal is achieved through group activities such as dancing, board games, language lessons, outdoor activities and dialogue. Through this program the 6th OD BN is able to foster steady, reliable and positive relationships with its Korean neighbors.

Although the 6th OD BN has a proud long standing relationship with the Chilgok Community Center, in recent months we have been working hard to revamp and update the curriculum in order to continue improving the program for the generations to come. Mrs. Erika Williams, the 6th Ordnance Commander’s wife, brings over 20 years of teaching experience as well as a passion for introducing the attendees to the American culture. Her leadership and experience serve as the cornerstone of the 6th Ordnance Battalion’s Good Neighbor Program. Ms. O, Chi Yon, a Human Resource Technician in the unit, is instrumental to the GNP. Her uncanny ability to relate to the children allows an easier bridge for communication and cultural differences. These two phenomenal women, are the catalyst to the positive changes occurring in this program. Their leadership and expertise serve as the foundation of the 6th Ordnance Battalion’s GNP. These two ladies combined with the Soldiers and KATUSAs serve as the backbone to our program.

As Bullet Nation looks forward to the future we will always remember that one of our most important tasks is curating a good relationship with our Korean partners. 6th Ordnance Battalion Commander, LTC LaTorris E. Williams explains, “The Good Neighbor Program serves an important function as it strengthens the Alliance between the United States and South Korea. The GNP lets Korean students experience English through various activities, which is a vital skill as English is a global language. Education is the key to success for everything, and that success is something we want to be a part of.”

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