Heat wave continues in Korea

by Busan Haps Magazine
Stripes Korea

Today marks the 11th day since the heat-wave watch and warning has been in effect for Busan.

According to the Busan Regional Meteorological Administration, Busan city was issued with a heat-wave watch on the 11th with the watch being upgraded to a warning on the 12th.

The local weather agency said that Busan city area will suffer from heat-waves warming the city 4 to 7 degrees celsius higher than normal, and tropical night phenomenon, when the lowest temperature of the day is above 25 degrees celsius, to continue for a while.

The Busan Regional Meteorological Administration has advised people to take cautionary measures and tips when the heat-wave warning is in effect.

It advised people to refrain from going outdoors in the afternoon to avoid heat-stroke and other heat-related illnesses including dehydration, and to drink plenty of fluid.

It also advised people to take good care of agricultural and marine products as high temperatures can damage living livestock and plants.

While staying indoor during afternoon hours is highly recommended, if you have to go outside, wearing sun protection such as a hat and sunscreen is highly advised.

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