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Here are some basic phrases to use in daily conversation.Introductions and greetings:

안녕하세요/안녕하십니까 > An-Nyeong-ha-se-yo/ An-nyeong-ha-shim-ni-kka > The first of these is casual while the second is more formal and polite.                                     

It is nice to meet you.
만나서반갑습니다 > Man-na-seo-ban-gop-sub-ni-da

It is nice to meet you / It is a pleasure
반갑습니다 > Ban-gop-sub-ni-da

I’m meeting you for the first time (How do you do?). 
처음뵙겠습니다  > Cheo-eum-beob-gess-eub-ni-da

Goodbye (to someone who is staying)
안녕히계세요  > An-nyeong-hee-kye-se-yo (Informal/ casual)
안녕히계십시오 > An-nyeong-hee-kye-ship-shi-yo (More formal/polite)

Goodbye (to someone who is leaving)
안녕히가세요   An-nyeong-hee-ga-se-yo (Informal/ casual)
안녕히가십시오An-nyeong-hee-ga-ship-shi-yo (More formal/polite)

My name is XXX:
제 이름은  XXX  입니다  >   Che   I-rum-un   XXX   ib-ni-da.)

What is your name?
이름은 무엇입니까 > I-rum-un  mu-eo-sib-ni-ka?
이름은 어떻게되십니까? > I-rum-un  eo-toh-kye-dwe-shib-ni-ka?

I am XX years old
난 XX  살  입니다 >  Nan  XX saal ib-ni-da

What is your age?/ How old are you?
연세  어떻게되십니까?  > Yeon-se  eo-toh-kye-dwe-shib-ni-ka? (this is polite and a bit formal. )
몇살  이니?  > Myeot Saal I-ni?  ( For adults speaking to a child)

How are you? (how have you been)
잘 지내셨어요? > Chal-ji-nae-sheo-sseo-yo? ( Are things going well?)
어떻게지내셨어요? > eo-toh-kye-ji-nae-sheo-sseo-yo?

Yes, I am fine
네,  잘있읍니다 > Neh, Chal-iss-ub-ni-da

I am just so-so
그저그래요 >   Gu-jeo-gu-reh-yo

See you later
나중에 봐요  > Na-joong-eh-pwa-yo (casual to a friend)
나중에 뵙겠습니다 > Na-Joong-eh-pwep-gess-sub-ni-da (more formal)

Directional information:

Left side
왼쪽에   > Wen-Jok-eh  (The “Wen” is the left “Jok” is the side or direction and “eh” is a place marker so “at” the left side)

Left turn
좌회전 > Chwa-hue-jeon

Right Side
오른쪽에  > O-run-jok-eh

Right turn
우회전  > Oo-hue-jeon

In front of
앞에  >  Op-eh

전에  > Jeon-eh

옆에 >  Yeop-eh

뒤에  > Dwui-eh

Go straight
직진 가세요  > Jik-jin  ga-se-yo

Stop here please
여기 세워주세요   > Yo-gi  se-wah-ju-se-yo  (“yo-gi”  is here  “Ju-se-yo” is requesting that something be done for you or given to you)

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