Interview with Kim, Hyeonggeon, Director of Incheon Himchan General Hospital

​​​​​​​Kim, Hyeonggeon, Hospital Director (Orthopedics Specialist)
​​​​​​​Kim, Hyeonggeon, Hospital Director (Orthopedics Specialist)

Interview with Kim, Hyeonggeon, Director of Incheon Himchan General Hospital

Himchan General Hospital

Q. Himchan Hospital made a new leap forward to a general hospital from joint and spine specialized hospital. Please introduce your hospital. 
After 19 years of specialized therapy on joint, spine, and internal medicine since 2002, Incheon Himchan Hospital transferred to Nonhyeon-dong, Namdong-gu, from Yeonsu-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, kicking off as Incheon Himchan General Hospital. The new hospital has 11 floors and a basement, whose total floor area is about 2.2 ha; it consists of 5 wards and 250 beds. About 30 professional medical personnel run 16 medical departments such as internal medicine (digestive system, kidney, heart, endocrine organ, and respiratory system), surgery department (orthopedics, neurosurgery, and general surgery), pediatrics, family medicine, neurology, gynecology, and dentist. The hospital also has professional therapy centers and clinics such as Health Promotion Center, Artificial Kidney Center, Robotics Artificial Joint Center, Endoscope Center, Physical Therapy Center, and Pain Clinic and operates the emergency room 24/7 as the local emergency medical clinic. 

Q. Currently there are eight branches across the country. What made you choose Incheon as the first branch to open the general hospital? 
Incheon Himchan Hospital is the first joint therapy specialized hospital in Korea where patients all over the country visit. I confidently assure that the brand Himchan Hospital itself has a competitive advantage that stands out with 19 year-long medical technology, experiences, and know-hows. Since our service goes beyond joint therapy in orthopedics and most patients visiting our hospital have complicated illnesses such as chronic diseases, we tried to extend our medical treatment areas to cover comprehensive and preventive treatment as a general hospital. Especially along with establishment of multi-disciplinary system in internal medicine department, the former medical achievements such as surgery treatment and care of the elderly and internal disease patients are expected to be succeeded in the first Himchan General Hospital.  

Q.Is there any special reason in opening the hospital amid the prolonged phase of COVID-19? 
The general hospital opening was proceeded as planned several years ago; we aimed to build a hospital near patients so that they may visit easily and conveniently. Our focus was not on the surrounding environments but a patient-oriented medical system that makes a foundation for a reliable and strong hospital. We were convinced of the need to open it and prepared it with confidence.   

Q. The prevalent COVID-19 prioritizes quarantine in hospitals as well. How do you implement quarantine control? 
We strictly observe quarantine principles. First, we separate entrances and exits of the visitors along their movement paths and do fever check and access control. In addition, for crowded areas such as medical offices or professional treatment centers, or spaces for other treatments and hospitalization, we designate zones where only patients and medical team may access. Above all, we prepare a concrete and systematic quarantine manual and constantly run drills. 

Q. Which do you place stress in patient treatment or hospital operation as the head of general hospital? Please describe your management philosophy.  
We’d like to offer various and enhanced medical service by using Himchan Hospital’s strength: Robotics Artificial Joint Center, Physical Therapy Center, Pain Clinic, Artificial Kidney Center, Health Promotion Center, and Endoscope Center. We operate a hemodialysis unit for kidney patients furnished with 22 units of the new and high efficiency dialysis machines and use eco-friendly and high efficiency dialyzing diaphragms for allergy patients and customized needles to provide a safer and more convenient dialysis experiences to patients. Based on the experiences of high-level operation and the reputation for good joint surgery results, we see increase in the accuracy and success rate of artificial joint surgeries in Robotics Surgery Center. Above all, cooperation between different medical teams are available in our hospital. By leveraging the huge advantage, we will build a hospital where renowned medical teams may show off their excellent skills. 

Q. Do you have any last words for employees or patients? Please share your ambition with us. 
I’d like to expand the medical service of our general hospital, providing practical help to patients nearby. To gain credibility from patients and draw cooperation from all employees, I will support in all ways to make ‘The hospital with good treatment results’, and practice patient-oriented service to settle down as ‘The patient-friendly hospital.’  

Kim, Hyeonggeon, Hospital Director (Orthopedics Specialist)
March 2021 Director, Incheon Himchan General Hospital
February 2019 Director, Incheon Himchan Hospital
Adjunct Professor, Orthopedic Office of Seoul Samsung Hospital
Worked in Orthopedic Office of Seoul Samsung Hospital
Regular member of The Korean Orthopaedic Association


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