IPE Airmen provide the pack with survival tools

by Senior Airman Dustin King, 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Kunsan Air Base

KUNSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- As Airmen arrive at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, they receive individual protective equipment from the 8th Fighter Wing Logistic Readiness Squadron IPE unit.

"Our job is the safety of Airmen on base," said Master Sgt. Rodercikus Moorer, 8th LRS IPE section chief. "Our primary objective is to equip all the base members with their chemical war defense equipment gear to sustain and protect them in the event of a real world incident."

The equipment includes real world chemical war defense equipment, training gear for exercises and gas masks. Storing the assets returned by members, is another part of their mission.

"We in-process about 260 individuals monthly," said Airman William Linton, 8th LRS IPE apprentice. "IPE is a tough job, it requires each airman to work hard and diligently to be able to run an IPE shop and complete all the orders on time."

There are eleven Airmen working in the 8th LRS IPE section.

Without providing the necessary CWDE, none of Kunsan's  Airmen would be able to enter a potentially hazardous environment due to the risk to their own lives--effectively stopping the mission.

"Without the mission, our job would be pointless," Linton said. "Therefore, it's not how our job affects the mission but how our job and the mission complement each other. We need to make sure the Airmen receive the proper the gear in case a real world situation does occur."

Their mission is the same no matter where they're stationed. They have to prepare for the worst no matter where they are, to include non-deployed environments. At any point in time, a non-deployed setting can change into a deployed one.

"The way we in-process here is different than at most bases," Moorer said. "While all bases must be ready, here at Kunsan we do our in-processing at the base theater and get the sizes there. That way, when you come and pick up your stuff on Friday it’s already packed in a bag for you so you don’t have to sift through a line for the correct sizes."
From in- and out-processing to storing inventory, these Airmen defend the Wolf Pack against a mortar or chemical attack.

"We stay busy outfitting people with chemical war defense equipment who are frequently coming through our base. There is one mission in particular that pertains to Kunsan, exclusively, which is that we are ready to defend the peninsula in the case of any contingency,” Linton continued.

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