It’s time: How to opt into the New Blended Retirement System

by Katie Lange
Defense Media Activity
It’s official: 2018 is finally upon us, which means you can start opting into the new Blended Retirement System. You’ve got all year to do it, but why waste time? It’s resolution season, after all, which means you shouldn’t put off your future. Make sure to opt in now!
If you’re not sure how to do it, check out these videos. It’s pretty easy:
U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
We unfortunately don’t have a video for this one, but U.S. Public Health Service personnel should contact the USPHS Compensation Branch.
For extra help: 
Meanwhile, if you’re still trying to figure out all the changes and what you have to do to get set up, you can find more about the BRS on Military OneSource.
Not sure if you’re eligible to be grandfathered into the old system? Do you want to schedule a consultation with a counselor for help? You can also get help with all of that here.
Good luck and Happy New Year!

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