Korea Grand Sale returns Jan. 18-Feb. 28

by Busan Haps Magazine
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The Visit Korea committee holds a shopping tourism festival for foreign tourists, ‘Korea Grand Sale’, from Jan. 18 to Feb. 28 in order to increase in consumer spending and foreign tourists visiting Korea.
The Korea Grand Sale promotes foreign tourism by providing a wide range of exciting cultural and shopping opportunities in South Korea. As KGS overlaps with the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, foreign tourists are expected to receive more benefits from the six weeks of “Brand Day”. The tourism content of Gangwon province is to be improved as well.
Since it is predicted that a great number of foreign tourists will visit South Korea during the Korea Grand Sale and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, we are operating a special welcoming week from January 26 to February 25, 2018. KGS and Seoul City are collaborating to create a tourism guide and provide interpretation services at temporary tourist information desks and event centers located at seven spots around the metropolitan area.
Mainly, several companies in Gangwon province, the host place holding the Winter Olympics, are participating in this event and looking forward to make Korea Grand Sale more rewarding. Not only resorts such as Hansol Oakvalley Resort and Welli Hilli Park located in Gangwon province are coming up with exciting benefits, but Kyeongpo Aquarium, Dynamic Maze and Alive Heart unlocks the beauty of Gangwon province by offering shopping benefits and free souvenirs. To make foreigners enjoy sightseeing spots in Gangwon province more comfortably and effortlessly, they are giving away prizes to ‘K Travel Bus’ Gangwon bus route users and opening the day for free bus ride on February 13.
They are also planning to provide the opportunity to foreigners to enjoy Korea’s unique Temple Stay culture by offering 20% discount on 10 temples nationwide including temples located in Gangwon province such as Woljeongsa and Baekdamsa temple.
The added enjoyment of 2018 Korea Grand Sale is the Brand Day held for six weeks. The VKC features new shopping benefits everyday during our event period. Shinsegae Duty Free offers a 50,000 won gift certificate for purchases over $1 (Feb. 16) and Woongjin Play Doci offers free admission to 100 visitors on a first-come-first-serve basis at a specific date. Also, many participating companies including Paradise, Seven Luck Casino, National Hyundai Museum, N Seoul Tower, Seoul Land and many more are planning to offer Brand Day shopping benefits. In particular, to draw attention of small and medium-sized businesses, they offer special promotion to mid-sized hotel, accommodation, restaurant, street eateries and others. VKC also plans to offer free online marketing training for small and mid-sized business owners to support their participation in the event with ‘Google Korea’, VKC’s member company.
Korean Air is opening a free air ticket prize event for customers who purchased flights arriving to South Korea from Southeast Asia or Oceania. Also, Asiana Airlines is offering 60% discount on flights arriving to South Korea from China, Southeast Asia and Europe and providing a one free checked bag for passengers from Japan and Southeast Asia air route.
Jeju Air offers up to 95% discount on flights arriving to South Korea from overseas. Also, Lotte Hotel (Seoul, World, Jeju, Ulsan, Busan) offers a coupon that can be exchanged to Lotte Duty Free prepaid card valued 40,000 won and L7 Myeong-dong offers a coupon that can be exchanged to Lotte Duty Free prepaid card valued 20,000 won. When presenting the Korea Grand Sale coupon at Lotte World Mall’s Seoul Sky Observatory, foreign tourists can receive a 10% special discount. Hana Tour offers a 20% discount on Running Man Experience Hall and 55% discount on Mark Hotel (T Mark Grand, T Mark, Center Mark Hotel).
Together, Korea Tour Card offers transportation and discount benefits for foreign tourists and Hands Free Service provides assistance in luggage to shop conveniently. During the Korea Grand Sale, VKC is conducting the special promotion for 5,000 foreigners through the prize-giving event. Also, the Hands Free Service offers luggage delivery service between hotels and airports for 50% discounted price helping foreign tourist to shop easily and conveniently.

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