Korea tip of the week: Use caution at crosswalks

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

If you are new to Korea, you’ll quickly learn that the streets are filled with cars, trucks and motorbikes going every which way. In many places, the pace is fast and hectic. If walking about, you’ll notice that many pedestrian crosswalks do not have a light, so you have to decide when to walk across the street. By law and how Koreans are taught in driver’s school, pedestrians have the right of way. It is said that if a pedestrian puts his foot on the street to begin crossing, drivers must yield. You need to know that not everyone follows that law. You must look both ways and really be sure that traffic is going to stop before attempting to cross the street. And, even if you are at a crosswalk with a light, you still need to be cautious. If you have children, hold onto their hands. Be safe and watch out for those cars.

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