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South Korea is becoming more and more popular for its tourism every year. In a
dynamic capital city like Seoul, the lifestyle of its people enjoys a rich culture of K-
pop, unique natural landscapes across the peninsula, plentiful shopping centers, and
traditional experience cultural programs to create unforgettable memories for
everyone who visits the Land of the Morning Calm.
Not only is the country rich in cultural traditions but a more modern addition to the
country’s roaring tourism trade is Korea’s reputable medical tourism. Riding ahead of
the competition with high-tech healing capabilities, alternative medicine or Korean
Oriental Medicine, gives both visitors and clients a general understanding of its
treatment principals and methods. For the alternative method known as green
chemistry natural treatment, the use of ginseng tea, alcohol ginseng liqueur or
similar natural ingredients can be used to treat a long list of ailments and symptoms.
What is Korean Medicine?
Korean Medicine seeks a complete balance between the human body’s construction
and one’s interaction with nature. Korean medical specialist Dr. Lee Moon Won, who
is the founder of the Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine Clinic, explains “a human
being is part of nature and for treatment for our ailments, we should look to nature.”
The clinic provides a myriad of treatment which focuses not only on decreasing the
strength of the disease’s symptoms, but also on healing important body functions
Each case is subject to an individual treatment plan with patients given courses in
each unique case. Irrespective of the illness, treatment can vary depending on the
patient’s condition. The clinic specializes in specific combinations for individuals,
focusing on the use of herbs that can be used which forces the body to recover from
the illness to its original functions; hence the clinic’s motto of bringing an overall
balance and unity to one’s body.
Korean Medicine and Treatment
Korean Medicine is also widely used in the treatment of cancer and infertility. Dr Lee
reports that from the current patients undergoing cancer treatments at regular
hospitals, more that 50% have been reported as having enhanced treatment results
with the usage of Korean medicine. Korean medicine can also be used in a
customized form, using a unique formula for each patient, which combines natural
ingredients and the ‘green chemistry’ which is beneficial for patients of all ages.
What are the medicinal herbs used in Korean Medicine?
Medicinal herbs, such as ginseng, gardenia, rehmannia and others can be easily
obtained from open traditional markets in Korea. According to Korean Ministry of
Food and Drug safety, the herbs sold in Korean markets are divided into two main
categories of food and beverage use and for medicinal use. Although anyone can
buy the herbs and use these at home for beauty treatments and for promoting a
healthy diet in the food and beverage category, many clinics in Korea have come to
use these specially categorized herbs for medicinal treatments.
The Ministry has stated that everything in the market belonging to the food and
beverage category cannot be used by Korean Medicine specialized clinics or
hospitals.Those which have been passed as ‘Medicine use’ herbs have passed
numerous multi stage control tests. Each herb must be the highest in quality and
organic in origin. Doctors can only use herbs in the ‘medicine use’ category with
further restrictions meaning that they are only delivered by special organizations who
are licensed to supply these proper category herbs and who have official permission
to distribute them. These processes are controlled by law and are subject to strict
court actions if any person is found to be breaking the law.
Korea is purported to be the country where Oriental medicine was first established.
All Korean medicine specialists must have studied Korean Medicine at university
level which reinforces each individual and effective method of prescription that can
be varied in taste, price and quality for each patient by doctors.
Korean Medicine and hair loss
The Lee Won Moon Medicine Clinic is known as a specialized clinic for hair loss and
scalp treatment. The clinic is a Korean Medicine institution which has provided a no-
side effects treatment for over 13 years. The methods and results of treatments
satisfy not only domestic residents, but overseas patients, who are coming from far
and wide to recover their hair condition in Korea. The clinic specializes in the safe
use of ingredients in their medicines and customizes programs for over 50,000
people from all over the world. No question is too difficult for Lee Won Moon to find
the answer for natural hair regeneration. For a consultation, patients can receive a
professional diagnosis, treatment programs and customized Korean medicine
treatments to improve not only hair condition, but overall body conditioning too. To
receive a personal 90 minute consultation, make a reservation now.
For more information, please contact Lee Moon Won Korean medicine clinic at +82 70 7492 5258 or email leemoonwon.international@gmail.com

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