Kunsan finds the name's Bond in the Wolf Pack clinic

by Kunsan Air Base
U.S. Air Force

The name’s Bond, Cody Bond, SSgt with a 007 license to cater, but around the Pack, her friends call her Mama Bear. We found SSgt Bond in the Wolf Pack clinic, or rather, she found us. Just like the international secret agent James Bond, SSgt Bond has a knack for getting to know everyone around her and making them friends and then family. She even met her first friend at Kunsan waiting in line at the airport. Once you’re family, this deadly cook will slay you with homemade masterpieces of flavor. A chef with a catering company in her hometown of Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, this deadly culinarian has even made enough food to feed her entire flight! Eight and a half years ago, a flight may not have seemed too large to someone used to catering large parties, but back then, she decided she needed a change. The world was out there. She decided to put the life of a cook on the back burner and trade in her apron for ABU’s. After two enlistments, she’s still loving it.

Instead of serving food, she now serves people as a healer for the Wolf Pack. Championing their motto of “No Medic, No Mission,” Cody ensures that every member of the Wolf Pack is treated just as well as she treats her friends, and that investment in others pays dividends.

Kunsan asks a lot of its members, supporting the international friends and family of the United States, and it can be challenging some days when it’s been particularly long or tough. When Cody needs someone to talk to, those friends and leadership are there to help and make sure the mission gets done.

According to Cody, meeting people here is different than at a stateside base. The hallmark of the Wolf Pack, a small installation in a more remote location, is a greater comradery then what you would be accustomed to at a stateside base. “At a larger base where you could get lost in a crowd, you get fed to the wolves, but here you become part of the pack.”

We’re glad you’re a part of our Pack, SSgt Bond!

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