Local grub to warm heart & soul: Hotteok

Local grub to warm heart & soul: Hotteok

by Shireen Tofig
Groove Korea (groovekorea.com)

Street carts are also a great place to find warm relief from the harsh wind, and are open nearly 24/7 all over Seoul. One of my favorite street foods is hotteok, which is at peak popularity during the wintertime. This really isn't a hard sell, when you consider that these carts are selling a handful of dough that's been filled with a sweet mixture and then pan-fried. Each one usually contains brown sugar, chopped peanuts, honey and cinnamon. The dough is placed onto a greased griddle and flattened with a special tool to form a pancake-like shape; the result is hot, golden brown and crisp, with a sweet center. 

Some other variations include corn, pink raspberry and green tea. Itís served in a paper cup and usually costs 1,000 won, making it an easy snack to grab on the go.

GETTING THERE: Hotteok carts are spread all over the city this time of year. Look for them around busy intersections.

Groove Korea website

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