Making May 8 Parent's Day public holiday under consideration

by Busan Haps Magazine
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A “Golden Weekend” is under consideration by the Korean government, which would make a four day weekend at the beginning of May.

Parent’s Day, which falls on May 8th this year, is being considered as a public holiday which President Moon Jae-in had pledged during his presidential campaign in 2012 and again last year.

This year’s Children’s Day (May 5) is on a Saturday, and the next Monday (May 7) is the replacement day off.

If Parent’s Day is designated as a holiday, there will be a “Golden Holiday” from Saturday the 5th to Tuesday the 8th for four days.

There is still the problem, however, that not everyone would get to enjoy the long weekend.

Public holidays are subject to the presidential decree “Regulations on Public Holidays of Public Offices”, so they are, in principle, only effective for public officials.

Large corporations are guaranteed that employees can rest on public holidays and temporary holidays through public labor union collective bargaining agreements and employment rules.

However, SMEs and self-employed people are not able to do so.

There is no set date on when a decision will be made.

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