Mapping out how to track COVID-19 in Korea

Mapping out how to track COVID-19 in Korea

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

As the new coronavirus, or is COVID-19, spreads throughout South Korea, various digital maps created by private software developers and even young students are helping South Koreans keep track of confirmed cases and where an individual with the virus has traveled.

Wearing a mask in public and washing your hands frequently with soap and water are just two ways the public is trying to avoid catching the coronavirus. Officials are canceling events and recommending the public stay home if possible. Staying indoors is not always an option, so make sure to take advantage of the useful maps below before you head out.

Coronamap features places where confirmed patients have been. They visualize the latest updated info using Korea CDC data plus user-generated markings. This map is color-coated to help track the variances of patients’ movements and other locations. Red signifies where a patient has visited less than 24 hours prior. Yellow is where a patient was has been for more than 24 hours and less than nine days. 

If you type an address in the search bar, Coronaita will show you the total number of places where patients visited, including places that are currently shutdown  within a 3km radius of the address. (KOR only)

This site uses GPS to show virus-affected places. Here, users can also get the latest information on which hospitals and health centers are offering testing for coronavirus. This app is a little on the slower side.

Corona-live allows you to see updating interactive news articles in real-time, with the latest figures. This website shows all confirmed patients, along with recovered patients and deaths. (ENG/KOR)

Coronamap features detailed information about confirmed patients. You can check the patient’s age, sex, and whether the patient has recovered or not. If you enter the address of a specific place, this English-friendly website shows you places where the patient visited within 3, 5, 10 km of the address. This website is temporarily not available due to losing info and updating, but it is worth checking out when it comes back online. (ENG/KOR)

Note: Use these sites as reference, but be aware that information may not always be reflected in real time due to server issues, backlogged information, third-party reporting, etc.


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