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Airmen from the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron went through a series of training stations covering various wartime skills here on May 11 during Exercise Beverly Herd 16-01.The different stations gave the 51st CES Mongrels a chance to hone skills they don’t normally utilize, such as donning Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear, decontaminating themselves, and proper weapon handling and safety.

“They’re getting the information straight from the experts rather than word of
mouth,” said Master Sgt. Angel Peraza, 51st CES emergency manager. “The whole
squadron will now have the same mindset and expectations about what to do in
these situations.”

The Mongrels’ primary mission in a wartime scenario is keeping the base runway
active and in the best condition possible, along with maintaining infrastructure
throughout the rest of the base, and events like this provide them with a chance to
practice a skillset outside of their primary duty.

“I would argue that more than anywhere else in the world, this matters, that we
do it regularly and that we take it as seriously as possible,” said Maj. Je Raley, 51st
CES deputy commander. “When my junior Airmen and officers are going through
this, especially with this potentially being their first assignment, it should hit home
and help to secure that muscle memory on what they’re supposed to be doing.”
The stations included unexploded ordnance identification, how to identify
chemical attacks and protect mission-critical gear, and decontamination checks
and procedures.

“If you think about t ypical CE, their job is to get the airfield up and r unning
after an attack,” said Peraza. “So if these guys are on a working party filling craters
on the runway, that’s a process that can take several hours, and they may have to
provide their own security. Now I know that my Airmen know how to point their
weapons downrange, how to identify targets, or how to protect themselves in a
chemical attack.”


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