The most expensive smartphones in the world

The most expensive smartphones in the world

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A lot of time has passed since the appearance of the first smartphone. Technology is improving, offering users more and more functions and features. Today, you can use your smartphone not only to make calls but also to perform many other useful actions: to take pictures and shoot videos, watch movies, communicate on social networks, and play regular and gambling games on sites such as Betway casino and many others. Many even work from a smartphone while away from a desktop PC.

Every year, well-known manufacturers launch their new developments, presenting smartphone models as the next technical achievement. Global brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi compete in technology, aesthetics, and functionality of their products. You can learn a lot about the Chinese developer at  

Sophisticated audiences demand more and more advanced devices, and some of the richest people in the world prefer an exclusive version, which no one else will have.

What are the Criteria for Evaluating a Smartphone

There are a lot of models on the market of mobile gadgets today, the price of which can significantly vary. Budget versions starting at $100, as well as elite phones worth several thousand dollars are available to customers. What are the indicators that determine the cost of the device? There are several basic parameters that are worth considering.


It has a strong influence on the pricing of the device. Little-known, but no less powerful devices cost much less than promoted brands with a similar set of specifications

Technical parameters

The more powerful the components, the higher the price. New developments integrated into the system have a higher price tag, which ultimately affects the final cost

Exterior design

Even the most powerful device will not become popular if it does not have an attractive appearance. A stylish design that meets the needs of the modern consumer will cost more because a lot of money is invested in the development of the design

Extra options

Modern smartphones are equipped with a lot of additional functions. Now it is not just a device for making calls, but a media center, a camera, a meter, a wallet in one package. Each sensor built into the phone increases its value


Top 10 of the most exclusive cell phones

All of these criteria are irrelevant when it comes to really expensive phones. These are special models that confirm status, position in society, and relation to the upper class. When choosing an elite model, you pay attention to other factors. These include the history of the model, its popularity and fame in the world, bidding and auctions, which will become press coverage, and the presence and amount of precious metals and minerals.

There are 10 models among these smartphones that stand out for their special design and exceed all possible price tags.

Vertu Signature Diamond

The button phone of the famous manufacturer in the circles of billionaires does not have outstanding technical data. Its entire value is built on the brand and precious metals, with which the device is encrusted. If desired, the case can be made of different kinds of gold and platinum.

Chairman от UlysseNardin

It takes the 9th place in our rating, costing $ 130,000. The smartphone works on the Android platform and has a small 3.2-inch display with 32 gigabytes of internal memory. The model stands out for its stylization as a watch with an inlaid winding mechanism. The case is made of white gold, with more than 2,000 diamonds.

Black Diamond от Sony Ericsson

The curved shape of the smartphone stands out from other models. It was developed by the famous designer from Singapore Jaren Goh. The buttons are protected by strong, but thin glass, and the joystick and the back panel are decorated with black diamonds. Due to the rare stones, the price of the phone is $250-300 thousand.

Vertu Boucheron Cobra

This exclusive model is created by the developments of Boucheron jewelry house. A highlight of the design comes from the cobra winding around the front panel. It consists of 439 rubies and a pair of sapphire eyes. Only 8 copies were released. The cost of one is 310 thousand dollars.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

A true masterpiece from Gresso, featuring a composition of 200-year-old black ebony and rare black diamonds. The keys are made of sapphires and the front panel is made of precious metals. This model is worth 1 million dollars.


The Ancort company in a collaboration with the famous jeweler Peter Aloisson created a unique phone with a platinum case, which is encrusted with 26 round diamonds. The highlight of the composition is an 18-carat diamond mounted in the center of the panel. The technical equipment provides complete security of calls and texts by the cryptographic encryption, which is carried out by a cryptoprocessor TMS 320 VC 5416. The price for such a product is $1.3 million.

Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G

The fourth place is deservedly taken by the model of a solid 22-karat gold body. The frame of the front panel is decorated with 136 diamonds and a large mineral in the place of the central button. The packaging deserves no less attention. The 7-kilogram granite is trimmed with genuine leather. The model costs 3.2 million dollars.

Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

The model was released in two copies and sold for $8 million each. The gadget features 500 diamonds with a total weight of 100 carats. A 7.4-carat pink stone on the central button completes the ensemble. Technically, the smartphone corresponds to the iPhone 4. 

iPhone 5 Diamond Black

Another design masterpiece from jeweler Stuart Hughes, the body of which is made of 24-karat gold. 600 diamonds went for the finish and 63 for the logo decoration. A sapphire crystal protects the display and a 26-carat black diamond adorns the Home key. The phone costs $15,300,000.

Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

The most expensive smartphone in the world costs $95 million dollars. News about the pre-orders was posted on the pages of famous magazines, such as    

Made in 18-carat gold. On krishtsi inserts a great erysipelas diamond.

Made of 18K gold. The cover is set with a large pink diamond. You can also choose from a platinum or rose gold case. And if you select a blue diamond instead of pink, the price is reduced by half. The set can be completed with gold or platinum earphones for an extra $300,000.


Modern gadgets are endowed with many features that are useful in the daily life of the user. However, when you buy an exclusive high-class mobile with a price tag of six or seven zeros, the technical indicators are the last thing you pay attention to.


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