Mustang 1 hosts first combined Live/Social Media Town Hall

by Staff Reports, 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Osan Air Base

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea --  Leaders from across base came together at the Enlisted Club’s ballroom March 15, for the first combined in-person and live social media town hall meeting.

Here’s a recap of the questions and answers from the event.

Question #1: Request concerning employees and personnel parking all day in the closest parking spots to the BX and Library. More 15-minute spots are needed in the parking lot near the post office and it would be great if we could get at least ten 30-minute spots on the Broadway Blvd side of the BX/Food Court.

Answer #1: David Moysey, thank you for your question. We will take a look at some additional options for short-term parking. This last couple weeks was difficult with Exercise Key Resolve occurring. We will also look at some long-term options with the parking garage and other locations nearby. ~Mustang 1

Q2: We need to have a way to record volunteer hours on this base officially to more accurately and effectively report our amazing volunteers here and to make them competitive across DOD bases. For example, army volunteer of the year awards are often tied to the Army system VMIS to verify volunteer hours. But that system, and no Air Force equivalent is used on Osan.

A2: Nikki Toulouse, thanks for the question. You can go to to log your hours, and those hours will also follow you throughout your career, regardless of base or location. The Airman and Family Readiness Center is our primary POC that can assist with any additional questions. Call us at 784-5440 and we can also set you up with some training as well. ~Mustang 1

Q3: Yesterday, there were aircraft running engines about 3 a.m. this morning, making it difficult for many dorm residents to sleep. Do you know why we have to perform these late at night?

A3: Anonymous, we do have a process that establishes specific quiet hours for jet noise during the night and early in the morning. In this particular instance, we had a priority mission and needed to perform flying operations, but those should be the exception, not the rule. We do have specific procedures in place to minimize noise and do our best to only allow operations or maintenance if absolutely necessary to make the mission happen. Thanks for the question. ~Mustang 1

Q4. Concerning the recent change to the leave policy extending the curfew for those that are on official leave but are remaining on pen. Do you foresee and changes to this policy?

A4: John Hovde, thanks for the question. This policy is not going to change. The policy is meant to get after multiple issues, including the overconsumption of alcohol and the general culture that used to be prevalent here in Korea. Leadership at all levels developed the new policy to ensure we as Airmen are held accountable, on leave or not. So the short answer is no, the policy will not change. ~Mustang 1

Q5. Good evening, would it be possible to have a community garden in Mustang Park? Or install a splash pad there? There seems to be ample room, and there is a lot of interest in either.

A5: Jamie Rad, thanks for the question. Great idea! We will definitely take a look on the suitability and determine if there are any issues. Thanks. ~Mustang 1

Q6: Rumor has it Pac House will be closing down in May and the dorm residents will be receiving full BAS.

A6: Pete Venkman, appreciate the question. The Pac House is the oldest dining facility in the Air Force, and this is a $3 million dollar investment in the facility, which is much needed. Yes, the Pac House is closing, but the timeline has yet to be determined. The 51 FSS and 51 CES are developing a plan, with the Pac House likely to close in the summer of 2016 for about 18 months. There are a lot of variables and BAS is still being discussed. We will provide more information as it becomes available. ~Mustang 1

Q7. Speaking of Mustang Park, is there a plan to repair the structures that have fallen into disrepair there? To repair the cracked stairs? Would it be possible to have this be a community project, if we could get some funding for tools, etc. to do it?

A7: Jamie Rad, we are not going to be funding the community project as the entire area will be getting replaced. Our 51st Civil Engineer Squadron team will be relocating the softball field next year at a date to be determined. They are also continuously working to keep the area safe until the new project is completed.

Two items are funded currently for Mustang Park. The first one is a playground, and the second is a walking trail/nature-scape. Contracts are still being worked. Thank again for the question. ~Mustang 1

Q8: Have you received any feedback on the courtesy patrols? Is it effective or beneficial?

A8: Thanks for the question. The interactions and responses has been good. Right now, we believe the courtesy patrol is beneficial and ensuring that members from Team Osan are safe, so the patrols will continue at this time. ~Mustang Chief

Q9: Does the Command Chief have a Facebook Page?

A9: Absolutely, reach the Chief at his page here: ~Mustang 1

Q10: I'm in country for some leave. Due to previous civilian residence, I need to mail some items home. Am I allowed on any peninsula posts to access the post office, or do I have to use Korea post/suitcase on airplane?

A10: Absolutely, if you have access to the base, you can use the United States Post Office. ~Mustang 1

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