Naeun hospital: ‘All-in-one general hospital’

Dr. Han, Yeongmin
Dr. Han, Yeongmin

Naeun hospital: ‘All-in-one general hospital’

Nauen Hospital

“To become not only Incheon’s premier hospital but Korea’s premier hospital!”
Founded in 1989, Naeun hospital has become an “All in one general hospital” with the endless support and love of Incheon residents. Our staff of a thousand works tirelessly to provide the highest quality medical service and demonstrate respect for life and medical ethics. Their passion resonates with the hospital’s founding values of responsibility, kindness, love, and innovation and is always on their feet to do their part in making a world without diseases.

“Becoming Incheon’s Best”
As an “All in one general hospital” that is on par with university hospitals, Naeun hospital has the state of the art medical facilities such as four MRIs, five CTs, two Angios, SONO, DR, etc. as well as electronic chart software such as the EMR, PACS, OCS and more. Furthermore, Naeun hospital has received a firstgrade accreditation for the stomach, colon cancer, most excellent ER for five-year consecutive years, as well as a first-grade accreditation for Evaluation of Pneumonia’s Adequacy and hemodialysis and more, and have proved ourselves as Incheon’s premier medical institution. Appointed as the first hospital in Incheon Seogu as an accredited medical institution for two consecutive years, we have been nationally verified as a safe medical institution providing safe optimal medical service.

“Becoming the best cerebrovascular cardiovascular system hospital”
We have on board Dr. Han, Young Min (neurosurgeon), one of Korea’s five leading doctors who has also served as the treatment director of The Catholic University of Korea Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital. Furthermore, Dr. Oh, Dong Ju, (cardiologist) one of Korea’s four leading doctors chosen by KBS, former Director of Korea University Guro Hospital and Korea University’s medical President and treatment director is also with us. With more than thirty heart and cerebrovascular field-related experts residing at all times, Naeun hospital is becoming a specialized center in Incheon. We will try our best to be and do more than a university hospital.

“Trustworthy and reliable hospital”
I extend my most sincere gratitude to all the community residents from all corners of society as their love and affection were the backbones that made Naeun hospital our region’s premier medical institution for over 30 years. We will always remember the fact that “Patients must love and trust hospitals” and always pursue to go higher and become a “trustworthy and reliable hospital” for the next 100 years to come. We will start today as if we were preparing for tomorrow.

Incheon Neuroscience Institue best brain surgeons, state-of-the-art equipment

We pursue to become the world’s best cerebrovascular disease specialized hospital!

Naeun Hospital I.N.I Incheon Neuroscience Institue is protecting your brains 24 hours, 365 days.

Cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, and cerebrovascular disease are all diseases where time is of the essence, they are malicious and must all be treated quickly by all means. With five leading doctors and excellent professionals, Naeun hospital I.N.I Incheon Neuroscience Institute strives for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, selected as Incheon’s four cerebral vascular surgery hospital, we are fulfilling our responsibility as the health guardian of our residents 24 hours, 365 days.

Every day at I.N.I Incheon Neuroscience Institue, all of our departments and nurses ranging from neurosurgery, neurosurgery, rehabilitation medicine, emergency medicine hold conferences to discuss treatment directions and clinical discussion. Furthermore, to maintain the highest quality of medical service, Naeun hospital realizes an integrated and systematic treatment-cooperation system and participate in all diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Naeun Hospital, applying new methods of diagnosis and treatment, enhances the cerebrovascular disease diagnosis and treatment and creates the optimal treatment and research environment. Furthermore, Naeun hospital will provide endless support to devise for the best possible ways of diagnosis and treatment.

Things about us
• Introduced the most advanced Brain surgery equipment.
• We are striving to become the world’s best brain and heart specialized hospital.
• Introduced the most advanced medical system.
• Optimal teamwork for highly sophisticated surgeries.

Dr. Han, Yeongmin

Dr. Ha, Heonyeong

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