Naval Academy midshipman wins $10,000 in prizes on 'The Price is Right'

Naval Academy midshipman wins $10,000 in prizes on 'The Price is Right'

by Meredith Newman
The Capital, Annapolis, Md.
A Naval Academy midshipman won $10,000 in prizes— including free pizza for a year— on an episode of "The Price is Right" Wednesday.
Midshipman 1st Class Nathan Pearson, a mechanical engineering major, was a contestant on the popular game show, where he won a "game room college student package." The prizes consisted of an Xbox, a gaming chair with a steering wheel, a pool table, a fridge for a keg and $1,200 Papa John's Pizza gift card.
Pearson decided to audition for the show, which his mom watches every day, when he was in Los Angeles two weeks ago with the academy's men's glee club. When the mids had a morning off to explore the city, Pearson got tickets for the show with two of his company members.
On the show, a member of the audience is chosen to compete in mini-games, where they typically guess the price of household items.
"We showed up to the studio and they loved us," Pearson said of the producers.
He thinks wearing his uniform might have helped.
Pearson was the first name called from the audience and participated in "Hi-Lo," a game where he had to guess the three most expensive items out of a group of six. With the help of the audience, Pearson correctly identified that Allegra, OxiClean and Hair Clog Blaster were the most expensive.
"I had no idea what any of those things cost," Pearson said. "I don't go shopping very often."
Pearson said host and comedian Drew Carey talked to him during the commercial breaks. He said Carey, who served in the Marine Corps, cracked jokes about a military member being a part of a glee club.
"He's got this skinny, hipster persona," Pearson said. "He was awesome."
The mid is still figuring out where he's going to put all of his prizes, specifically the pool table. He plans to ship some of the prizes to his parents in Minnesota and others to Pensacola, Florida after graduation.
Pearson admitted it was hard to keep his winnings a secret, especially when he bought about $100 worth of pizza for his company before the show aired.
"I wasn't supposed to tell my family, but I had to call my mom," he said.
Pearson isn't the only midshipman to appear on a game show this year; Midshipman 4th Class Gary Tse was one of 15 college students chosen to compete on "Jeopardy!" in February. The plebe made it to the final round.
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