Navy Releases 2017 MAP Quotas, Policy Updates

by Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs
U.S. Navy
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy announced Tuesday in NAVADMIN 079/17 several changes to the 2017 Meritorious Advancement Program (MAP) that will expand commanding officers' ability to recognize and advance top performing Sailors.
These changes are based on recommendations from senior enlisted leaders throughout the Fleet and will increase the number of quotas, eliminate the time-in-rate requirement and open MAP to Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors.
This year, MAP will account for approximately 10 percent of all E4-E6 advancements with 4,199 MAP quotas, an increase of more than 1,100 from 2016. 
Units will have 4,016 quotas with 183 quotas designated for Echelon 2 commands. Advancement quotas by paygrade are:
* E-4 - 1,606 
* E-5 - 1,354 
* E-6 - 1,239 
The 2017 fall advancement cycle planning will incorporate the number of Sailors advanced via MAP to arrive at quotas for advancement based on Navy Wide Advancement Exam results. 
Some of the other key changes announced include:
* Increasing the number of Unit Identification Codes (UICs) receiving quotas from 907 to 2,798 
* Time in Rate (TIR) requirements for E4 and E5 Sailors are eliminated
* Commanding Officers may MAP any Sailor in a subordinate UIC, regardless of their sea or shore assignment status 
* MAP will be opened to Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors during this MAP Season. Policy, guidance and quota distribution for SELRES will be outline in a future ALNAVRESFOR message. Navy recruiting districts (NRD) will have one MAP quota per NRD for Reserve Sailors filling canvasser recruiter billets.
* Controlled rate quota requests must be submitted no later than June 1, 2017.
MAP open season will last from July 1 - Aug. 31, but commands are encouraged to begin the MAP selection process and submit their MAP Certification Letter (MCL) as early as possible. The redistribution of unused MAP quotas will take place during the month of September.
MAP is designed to give commanding officers greater authority to recognize superior performance and advance their very best Sailors. 
For more information, including quotas by UIC, controlled rates information, forms, points of contact, and answers to frequently asked questions please read NAVADMIN 079/17 or visit
For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit
For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit

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