New laws for dog owners come into effect March 22

by Busan Haps Magazine
Stripes Korea

New laws for pet owners are set to come into effect on March 22.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced the new stricter laws for pet owners, including higher fines for violators.

The new laws indicate that all dogs must be leashed when outside or a fine of 500,000 won may be imposed. If the dog is one of the eight designated “dangerous dogs”, including rottweilers, pit bulls and dobermans, the fine increases to 3,000,000 won and they must also be muzzled.

A Ministry also said that “paparazzi” can take photos of violators and collect up to 20% of the fine up to a total of 20 times per year in a “report and reward” scheme.

Dog owners have complained that clashes with the paparazzi and people who don’t like dogs are going to be inevitable. Petitions from pet owners have been have been flooding the Blue House website to no avail so far.

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