New website offers forum for consumers complaints in Korea

New website offers forum for consumers complaints in Korea

by Bjung Yoon

Got a complaint regarding a product/service in Korea?
Then VENT it, SHARE it, and help PREVENT it from happening to others. is a new website that enables all of us to VENT our frustrations regarding the products and services we use daily, SHARE our legitimate complaints so that we can help PREVENT others from going through the same unpleasant experience and provide constructive criticism and information to the companies and service providers so that they too can BENEFIT.
BULLMAN is an open and non-commercial* online forum.

Please post civil, constructive criticism. We neither condone nor tolerate content including but not limited to:

Racism, Ethnicity, Nationality, Life Choices, Religion, and Politics

Sexuality and Violence

Personal Information (defamatory statements), Attacks, and Threats

Inappropriate Obscenity and Language
Illegal Activity
Should you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at
Got a complaint? Light 'Em Up!

*The banner ads on our site are, at present, partners or will be in the future links to organizations that provide some type of public service.

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