New Worship Center in final stages of construction at Camp Humphreys

by Antwaun J. Parrish
Far East District

SEOUL, South Korea—On Feb. 3, 1943 the United States Army Transport Dorchester was sinking in the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean, as chaos was unfolding amongst the 902 service men, merchant seamen and civilian workers, it was recorded that four chaplains brought hope in despair and light in darkness. The chaplains handed out life jackets and gave away their own, as the ship sank the four chaplains stood with their arms linked and braced and could be heard offering prayers.

In honor of those four chaplains, a new chapel is being constructed on Camp Humphreys, South Korea. The Four Chaplains Chapel is expected to be ready for operation by this summer.

“We are at the 98% construction completion percentage for this project,” said Tim Rapp, a senior construction control representative. “The turnover task force will come out to inspect the project toward the end, prior to the Department of Public Work’s final inspection.”

Rapp explained that the chapel will serve as the USAG Humphreys’ main chapel in a location that wouldn’t be recognizable from when he first arrived to the post.

“The chapel is centrally located in the main part of what is known as the new lands,” said Rapp.

He explained that the area is known as the new lands because when he first arrived to USAG Humphreys the area where the chapel sits was mostly muddy marsh. Since then it has been built up with roads and many other buildings due to the land development of the area.

Rapp stated that he anticipates this building being turned over in the next two to three months and being actively used.

“The chapel is well constructed and the US Army will get plenty of us out of it for years to come,” said Rapp.

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