No casualties, only some minor damage by Typhoon Prapiroon

by BeFM News
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Typhoon Prapiroon has left Busan city without much damage and just under six inches of rain.

While the typhoon did do some minor damage in the city including taking down a tree in a residential area in Gwajeong-dong, Saha-district at around 9 pm Wednesday night, no casualties have been reported.

According to Busan Regional Meteorological Administration, the typhoon watch issued and taking effect since 10 am Wednesday was dismissed at 2 am yesterday.

As of yesterday morning, there hasn’t been any precipitation in Busan with wind speeds calming back down, between 3 to 6 meters per second, from 14 m/s.

A high wave watch that was issued for coastal waters off of Busan was also lifted early in the morning.

Dongrae-district had accumulated 148.5 mm of rain, Geumjeong district with 146.5 mm, Busanjin district with 130.5 mm and Haeundae district with 116 mm of rain.

Nearly 200 flights were canceled on Wednesday at Gimhae International Airport.

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