Noise disturbances between apartment floors intenisifies during the Korean holidays

Noise disturbances between apartment floors intenisifies during the Korean holidays

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Noise disturbances between floors in apartment complexes have emerged as a significant social issue, intensifying during holiday periods marked by family gatherings.

Data obtained from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, as disclosed by Representative Hong Ki-won, revealed a staggering total of 219,882 civil complaints within the past four and a half years.

These complaints surged from 32,785 cases in 2019 to 55,504 cases in 2022, with 32,296 cases reported from January to June of the current year.

The ‘Interfloor Noise Neighborhood Center’ managed by the Korea Environment Corporation witnessed an average of over 100 daily phone consultations.

Particularly alarming, from September 2022 to August this year, there were 38,317 police reports linked to interfloor noise, averaging around 3,200 per month.

During last year’s three-day Chuseok holiday, 339 cases were reported, while 739 cases emerged during this year’s four-day Lunar New Year holiday.

The Apartment Housing Management Act, under Article 20, enables apartment management entities to investigate and suggest corrective measures upon receiving complaints, followed by mediation through government committees.

However, these mediations lack enforceable outcomes. In response to escalating conflicts over interfloor noise, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport introduced the ‘interfloor noise post-confirmation system’ in August of the previous year, involving noise-blocking performance tests before approving apartment complex usage.

Critics argue that this system remains ineffective, merely offering recommendations for compensation and supplementary construction when noise standards aren’t met.

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