Public relief hospitals in Busan

Public relief hospitals in Busan

Busan City News

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has designated “public relief” hospitals across the country, where sections have been divided between those with respiratory illnesses and those without, so that patients can visit hospitals without worrying about contracting the virus.

List of Busan-based public relief hospitals: As of March 5, 2020

Gupo Sungshim Hospital, Buk-gu — 051-333-2001 (Outpatient Services)
Bumin Hospital, Buk-gu — 051-330-3000 (Outpatient Services)
Hwamyung Ilsin Christian Hospital, Buk-gu — 051-363-2331 (Outpatient Services)

Ohsung Hospital, Busanjin-gu  — 051-850-0800 (Outpatient Services)

Good Moonhwa Hospital, Dong-gu — 051-644-2002 (Outpatient Services)
ILSIN Christian Hospital — 051-630-0300 (Outpatient Services)
Bongseng Hospital, Dong-gu — 051-664-4000 (Outpatient Services)

Dae Dong Hospital, Dongnae-gu — 051-554-1233 (Outpatient Services, Hospitalization)
Kwanghye General Hospital, Dongnae-gu — 051-503-2111 (Outpatient Services)
Dongnae Bong Seng Memorial Hospital, Dongnae-gu — 051-520-5500 (Outpatient Services)

Sewoong Hospital, Geumjeong-gu — 051-500-9700 (Outpatient Services, Hospitalization)

Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital, Haeundae-gu — 051-797-2665 (Outpatient Services, Hospitalization)
Bumin Hospital Haeundae, Haeundae-gu — 051-602-8000 (Outpatient Services, Hospitalization)
Hyosung City Hospital, Haeundae — 051-709-3000 (Outpatient Services)

Busan St. Mary’s Medical Center, Nam-gu — 051-933-7114 (Outpatient Services)

Good Samsun Hospital, Sasang-gu — 051-322-0900 (Outpatient Services)

Pusan National Univ. Hospital, Seo-gu — 051-240-7000 (Outpatient Services, Hospitalization)
Busan Adventist Hospital, Seo-gu — 051-242-9751 (Outpatient Services)

Good Gang-an Hospital, Suyeong-gu — 051-625-0900 (Outpatient Services)
BHS Hanseo Hospital, Suyeong-gu — 051-756-0081 (Outpatient Services)
Busan Centum Hospital, Suyeong-gu — 051-750-5000 (Outpatient Services)

Hanyang Rheumatis Hospital, Yeonje-gu — 051-752-1990 (Outpatient Services)

Dongnam Inst. of Radiological & Medical Sciences, Gijang-gun — 051-720-5114 (Outpatient Services)
Busan Gijang Hospital, Gijang-gun — 051-723-0171 (Outpatient Services)

Nationwide Public Relief Hospitals (COVID-19 Website) (Korean)

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