Pudding, Gwangalli’s most popular new resident

Pudding, Gwangalli’s most popular new resident

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For anyone who has been to Gwangalli Beach recently, among the many who are out walking their pets along the beach, one animal has set himself apart from the crowd.

Pudding, a five-month-old male alpaca who is the beloved pet of a Korean couple in their early 40s, has taken the beach by storm with his cute and unique white-furry looks, prompting many on-lookers to stop and look, ask for photos and ask just what kind of pet it is.

Alpaca’s are a species of camelid, known to graze at high elevations of the Andes Mountains in Peru and other South American countries.

So what exactly is an alpaca doing in Busan?

According to a local media interview, the irresistibly cute Pudding was bought from a small zoo in Iksan, lives on the third floor of a Buddhist pavilion near Gwangalli Beach.

His owner, Mr. Kim, has had a keen interest in pets, raising snakes, cats, and parrots in the past.

He takes Pudding out for walks every day along the beach, and has now become acclimated to his surroundings and seems to enjoy his new found fame away from the herd.

He’s also quickly becoming an Instagram celebrity with nearly 12,000 followers.

A word to the wise — if you do see them, show the common respect for the owners and Pudding. While they are friendly, alpacas are not as domesticated as dogs or cats so don’t reach out to them as they don’t really like to be petted and can be shy of strangers.

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